Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012--on to new things

It's pretty obvious I'm not an avid fashion blogger these days.  I have found my life has many more important things going on than just what I'm wearing, which sometimes isn't even interesting.
I have many ideas and random things going on in my head, as well as outings I partake in, social engagements, music interests, anything and everything...mostly not even related to fashion.

I also am a fashion designer, so I deal with this everyday...I am not really interested in photographing my clothes these days.
Instead, I've found its best for me to just document my life from time to time, when I see fit, not necessarily on a regular schedule, or sometimes not frequently at all.  But if you're still finding yourself somewhat intrigued by my going-ons about town and just what I do then feel free to stop by my online "diary" and read up on me.
I'll perhaps see some of you over there...if not, that's ok too--I promise I won't lose sleep over any of this.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Rewind: August 27-28th, 2011

Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't see this one coming...
sooooooooooooo beyond obvious, I know I know!
The entire weekend I wore the same outfit, so we're not even going to break it down by dates really.
Let's just group the entire weekend of August 27th-28th, 2011 under one category, one name, one super awesome title:
That's right; you know I live on the east coast, you know Hurricane Irene threated to rear her ugly face at NYC, and you should know I'm gonna give her ugly face right back!
I'm ready to go out in all my rock n roll glory!
We were a little frightened, not gonna lie.
So some of us single ladies got together to hold down the fort and brave the storm together...

We started at the bar, to get our game faces on!
(and to forget about the doom and destruction that lie hours ahead)
'Cause if you're gonna tell Hurricane Irene to, "F-off", you might want a little liquid courage in ya!
F-off Hurricane Irene
It turns out, NYers handled the storm preparation differently than others. 
I went to the bar w/an umbrella...these two got ready for looting and mass chaos in the streets!
Then the rain started to come.
Out w/the umbrellas, and enough of their plans to loot.
These boys got down right emotional and busted out a bromance before our very eyes!

(oh what the end of the world won't do to two metalheads...
best sight I saw all day, I laughed naturally!  DORKS!)
But I ain't got a romance; so I just kept on drinkin'
provoking Irene w/my hurricane-like dance moves,
and heading for safer shelter, rather than The Charleston...ok, so actually I just got hungry.
So while most of NY was preparing for the storm that threatened to DESTROY...
I grubbed on a homeade mexican feast of tacos and burritos!
And I didn't even have to lift a finger-cause this girl can't cook!
But to be fair, I did bring the thank you for cooking me dinner Tom, glad my veggies came in handy!

We all passed out watching True Romance, and awoke around 1:30am to the strongest winds I've probably ever heard in my life.  Pounding rain and what looked like an upcoming zombie apocolypse...yikes!
I believe the eye of the storm lulled us all back to sleep around 2:30am...then up and at 'em come 9:30am on Sunday.

This is what happened!
By "this is what happened", I mean I was up walking around Brooklyn in my pajamas at 9:30am.  They were talking like we were going to lose our lives, so I think for strangers to see me in PJs is the least of our concerns here.
It is a well known fact, I do NOT take mother nature as seriously as one should.  Hence the bubble blowing side ponytail wearing wannabe 12yr old I appear to be in front of this sign wreckage.
And, while I realize the hurricane was NOT nearly as exciting as I hoped it would be...I will say I am happy it did not really kill us.
It just kinda took down parts of our 'hood, but eveyrone in hipsterville seemed to make it out A-OK.
Including myself...
Phew...because we all want this "way too old to live in Williamsburg" almost 32yr old hipster to keep on bloggin' right?

I mean who else can you count on to pick up a storm wrecked dirty ol' street meter and put it up to her face with an "OMG" face???
You can continue to count on this one!
'nuff said!
So while the flooding was minor, and not nearly what it was in other necks of the woods,
and mostly our intrigue for damages got the best of us...
We are most definitely thankful the storm didn't result in the end of our awesome selves!
Because really, who else was gonna put on a "new" vintage motley crue tshirt and rock the weekend like a hurricane?
Um, certainly not Irene!
And yes, I went full force grubster this weekend...only showering 1x.
Sooooooooooo unheard of if you know my totally high-maintenance self
(true, i do look like i spend all of 10min on getting ready, but its more like 60-90min if you want to know the REAL facts)

And therefore, all weekend I wore this:
*Vintage Motley Crue tshirt-courtesty of college buddy's older bro
*Cut off jean shorts-Gap
*Black booties-Steve Madden
*Black polka dot neckerchief-Express

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daily Wear: It's still Rock N Roll to Me

This past weekend I headed off to Cleveland, OH to visit my BFF for her birthday.
We're a couple of rock n roll lovin' girls, so that's the way we spent her birthday...
like "Women Who Rock"!
We started out with a birthday lunch at our favorite hot spot, Johnny Mangos!
Their watermelon margaritas are to die for!
Yeah...nothing like a good marg to wash down my go-to Johnny Mango salad.
mmmmmm-mmmmm delicious!
Once properly fueled on alcohol, we took our rock lovin' selves to none less than Cleveland's
Rock N Roll Hall of Fame!
Besides being the bestie's birthday, this was the other reason I came to town...
no not for Johnny Cash's tour bus,
but for the new "Women Who Rock" exhibit
Although I'm fairly certain standing in front of this bus made me long for the days of yesteryear when I most definitely would've tried my hand at a little "Tiny Dancer" action, meaning I would've been a
 "seamstress for the band".

Oh if only it were the 70's all over again!

But the Women Who Rock exhibit--wowzas!
I nearly peed in my pants as I stood face to face w/Joan Jett's "I Love Rock n Roll" outfit she wears on the cover of that very album. 
(note to self, remember the "Bad Girl" tshirt is a MUST if I am to execute this upcoming halloween costume to 100% maximum perfection!)
Unfortunately, photos are not allowed in the exhibit areas.

I only managed to finagle a pic of the lobby, nothing like some floating cars thru the atomosphere!
So may I suggest you all hop over to Cleveland sometime before February, and check out the Rock Hall, and specifically the "Women Who Rock" exhibit.
You will not be dissappointed!
Even if you aren't into the rock n roll, they've got plenty of music to please the masses...I got to see one of Gram Parson's guitars, some of the Flying Burrito Bros.' nudie suits, a few of Michael Jackson's costumes, Cher's infamous native american headdress and costume, and sooooooooooo much more!
It's awesome...I should know, I've been there twice and I will go back again!

But one thing to keep in mind...this is Cleveland!
No need to get all fancy-schmancy to go to a museum.
Heck no.

*Taupe blouse-F21
*Cut-off shorts-Gap
*Yellow wedges-Target
*Multi-color scarf-Express
*Cranberry sunglasses-Foster-Grant
*Cream vintage belt-Thrift Store
*Black fringe bag-H&M

Oh, speaking of thrift store and being in Ohio...of course I stopped off at about 4 of my fave thrifty haunts!
You'll be seeing the amazing threads (a vintage playsuit, a megadeath tshirt, a sweet medallion w/a big fat fly on it's clear glass background) and vintage coach bag(s) I scored for such low low prices!
God.....I LOVE their thrift stores!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Daily Wear: Yeehaw Being the Theme

I'm a "theme" type...meaning I like themes, I embrace dressing like its a certain themeday, and yes...I will probably be that 50yr old lady wearing holiday sweatshirts at Christmas time.
But tell me, when did theme dressing ever ruin a night?
If anything, it makes the night more fun if you ask me!

Even a movie night can be wayyyyyyyy too much fun.
You know, like when you're planning on watching a documentary on Waylon Jennings, then rounding out the movie viewing with "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"?
So can I get a, "YEEEEEE-HAW, Ya'll"?!?

Too bad we did not have cowboys and indian type glasses, but my friend did the best she could by busting out her newly thrifted equestrian tumblers.
Ummmmmmm, I think it must've been the horses...I really can't think of any other reason we'd equate these to being "western" like?
But wait...wait for it...ok!
You're completely allowed to judge me on this one...I may or may not have gotten wayyyyy too drunk on a bottle of appletini stuff!
Who am I?
And no, I do not think my life is like an episode of "Sex and the City", and no I do not relate to the quirky "Carrie" character...I don't even know about this show too much other than they drink crap like appletinis.  And now apparently I do too!
(Thanks to Alex'sWonderland for leaving this at my house when she was visiting NYC)
Needless to say, the appletinis did me in...but not before I kicked up my heels and did a little dosey-doh. Afterall, I did dress "theme"-wise for my country musician movie night...
and duh, that means I busted out my vintage cowboy boots!

These are the real deal folks.  They were given to me back when I was like 21...and they're still getting wear to this day!  Probably actually I wear them more now than I did then.
They're my lovely little western gems, cherry red, leather, real legit cowboy booys!

I'm certain Waylon would've appreciated my efforts for movie night, no?
So tell I the only loony lady that dresses around a movie night w/some made up theme dancing around in her head?  
(theme here being country cowboy crooners whisking me off my feet and tossing me on the back of their horse and together we gallop off into the sunset, my red vintage boots and all...and of course, something like Waylon's "Amanda" will be the song playing as this dillusional idea all goes down).
It would be nice of you to at least humor me and tell me you do this as well from time to time.
(I mean dress around a theme, not dream about Waylon Jennings).
A typically boring outfit other than the boots on display!
*Green tank--uniqlo
*vintage cowboy boots--gifted to me

Now exuse me lil' ladies (and gents??), I'm visiting my bestie in Cleveland, getting my Thrift store shopping fix, drinking way too many cocktails, and about to meet up with a bunch of ol' college friends. So no more blogging this weekend...I'm off to enjoy life.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday: "Cherry Pie"and a Lil' Slice of "Heaven"

This Music Monday post is going to be about as surprising as the sad and untimely death of one of my hairband heros:
Jani Lane!

I heard the news when I got to work on Friday; and crazy enough, a flood of memories from the good ol' days of heavy metal kareoke at the Hi-Fi in Cleveland came rushing back.
If you know the Hi-Fi, you know the guys from Warrant have a close link to that fine establishment.
And if you know me, you know I have a special little place in my heart reserved for those memories.
It was there, and it was at heavy metal kareoke with a live band, that I got to be a little hairband hellion--oh to be 22 all over again!
(Yes, its true kids...I at one time in my life, sang in place of Jani Lane at a Warrant concert.  I might just be the one and only former Kent City Kitten that knows all the words to "Cherry Pie", and Warrant may have requested the aide of my horrible vocals at that concert in Akron...poor Jani just happened to have pnemonia on that particular night; while it sucks for was beyond rad for me!)
And just as you would expect, I paid homage to Jani this past weekend by lending one of my vintage tees to my friend, while I sported my other vintage Warrant tee.

So while Jani rose up to the heavens (I would hope), I rocked the heavens in my DIY crop top.
yeah that's right!

Unfotunately I did not have 3 vintage tshirts, or else Mel could've gotten in on the Warrant-good-times as well.  Instead, she just tried to out-do me by wearing what she calls her "Tall Girl Shoes"...sorry friend, I'm still taller than you :)
And I'm in my Warrant tshirt, YESsssss!
So here you go kids; this here little blog post is my respects to Jani.
This is one of my favorite WARRANT songs of all time:

Laugh it up all you want, I know Warrant is a joke to most.
Big deal, I'm a joke too.
*Vintage Warrant concert tee-from college buddy
*Black tank-Gap
*Cut-off shorts-Gap
*Leopard Print booties-F21
(they fell apart the following day and I threw them away in the park--just a side note!)
Go ahead, listen to one more Warrant song before you call it a night.
And if you shed a tear, its ok...he was a hottie from Ohio; and he died too young...but not young enough.
Is it wrong that I refuse to think of him as the big eyed bloated dude at age 47?  Instead I'm gonna forever pretend in my head he will always be that tall skinny muscle-y toned 21yr old boy from Brimfield.
Mmmmmmmm, Jani!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anastasia of Beverly Hills & Wild as a Mink

Recently I was approached by a media team partnering up with Anastasia of Beverly Hills.
They asked me if I'd be interested in joining their Blogger Appreciation Program, and I was more than stoked to do so.

Anastasia is a skincare and cosmetics line based out of Beverly Hills.  They are currently stocked at Sephora nationwide.
The company has done campaigns for Diesel,  Flaunt Magazine, and Bebe as well as some of the looks/publications shown below.

So, when I was asked to review one of their many products, I chose the Hydra Full Lip Gloss.
It's on its way in the mail so I hear...and once I receive it I'll make sure to report back to you with a full, honest review.
I'm not one to dance around the expect nothing less than my god-honest opinion of the product.

I look forward to collaborating with Anastasia of Beverly Hills in testing new products and offering upcoming giveaways to my readers. 
Lets hope my time with Anastasia is mutually beneficial and lucrative so I can offer you a chance to win some of their products and you can give them a test-run yourself!
Now wouldn't that be ideal???


In the meantime, while we wait for me to receive the lipgloss, and while we wait for a future giveaway, make sure to visit their site and check out their full line of merchandise.
And, don't hesitate to learn a thing or two about beautiful brows while you're at it.  I watched it, and I can definitely say I should probably invest in Ms. Anstasia Soare's brow kit.
Well have you seen my brows?  

So make sure to stop back by in a few...I can't wait to tell you what I think about their Hydra Full Lipgloss, let alone my experience with their products.

Yay!  I'm excited!
I am indeed a girl that likes her makeup!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Music Monday: Outlaw Country

Its no secret I've got a soft spot for old county; me and the honky tonks-well if they were around here in NYC, lets just say you'd find me there 90% of the time.

A particular fondness for country lies within a sector known sort of by the name of 
"Outlaw Country".
The term pretty much was given to the likes of 
Waylon, Willie, and the boys...
Now you ask just who those boys are?
Waylon and Willie (shown above) were quite a dynamic duo!
Certainly you've heard this little #:

"Outlaw Country also refers to a few others in this little circle of hellions; such as David Allan Coe:
of which I'd say my favorite DAC song would have to be "Please Come to Boston"; 
my friend Garrett introduced me to this when she thought it was a good idea to embarrass me in front of a particular Nashvillian back in the day--good one, G!  
(I can't thank you enough...I'd like to punch you actually! mortifying at the time-duh!)
Ok, so that is a horrible example of how rowdy these boys can be; but it truly is one of my favorite David Allan Coe songs, if not one of my all-time fave songs ever.

Along with him, you can toss in Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, etc and you've got yourself some OUTLAW COUNTRY!
Crack open a beer and queue up the playlist.

-see the very end of this post for some suggestions-
But of all the country out there, my heart lies with one man...Waylon Jennings.!
He's got a voice like a god, the tales of a broken man, and enough stories to pull at heartstrings for days on end.
You wanna love this ramblin' man, but you can't hold him down.
He's a man on the go, lovin and leavin the ladies, bust'n out and break'n hearts!

He's the ultimate "Nashville Rebel"

No, really, he is!
Look how young and dapper he was...his voice makes me swoon but his "look"...
oh man oh man!

He certainly was a handsome devil...dressed with his slicked back hair, button up shirts, starting out in Buddy Holly's band, then goin' on to become his own man.

But can I just tell you, it wasn't these young man good looks that I go for.
Just like my thing for 70s Elvis...I've got a hankering for 70s Waylon.
This rugged, outlaw look, it suits him well
(and my taste too!)
 This ain't no cat's meow...this is a mighty ocelot and its cat scratch fever!
I mean, seriously...did it just get hot in here?
I'd have to say clothing and appearance wise, something with his unshaven, slightly haggard self...the look works for him.

Which look do you go for?  
Or is this completely irrelevant to your life entirely?
(I get it, some people will think he's a disgusting looking man, and some of you wont even care to read this far...while some of you, well you're down with the cowboys just like me! 
uh hem....cough cough, Jewel! cough cough)

By now, you get it...I like country; I like the cowboy 'look',  I want that life!
Until I somehow acquire this, I'll just keep on listening to the good ol' boys.

It's good, trust me...a hot summer night, turn up the stereo, have a PBR, and sit on the porch in your rockin' chair and tell me this isn't a little slice of heaven.

I should probably go dust off my vintage red cowboy boots-and whip this hair into some pigtails now.

*Amanda-Waylon Jennings
*Good Hearted Woman-Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson
*Angels Flying too Close to the Ground-Willie Nelson
*Always on my Mind-Willie Nelson
*You Never Even Called Me by My Name-David Allan Coe
*Jack Daniels if you Please-David Allan Coe
*Mama Tried-Merle Haggard
*Silver Wings-Merle Haggard
*Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line-Waylon Jennings
*Stop the World (and Let me Off)-Waylon Jennings
*Folsom Prison Blues-Johnny Cash

And by all means, check out the ultimate OUTLAW SUPERGROUP: The Highwaymen!!!
(it's Waylon, Willie, Kris, and Johnny--quadruple swoon swoon swoon swoon!)