Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vintage View #1

Thursday (6/11/09) playing in my closet of vintage goodies.
*Vintage, printed dress-from one of the store along Melrose in Hollywood
*Brown faux suede sandals-Target
*Gold vintage necklace-Thrift Store
*Fave earrings, gold octupus-Boutique on Market St. in Philly

I have a whole closet full of wonderful thrift store or vintage finds that I never find time to wear.  Or moreso that I don't have the right place to wear them.  Sometimes they might be a little too costumey or just not modern enough for today.  I occasionally deconstruct them and make them a little more wearable, but others I like as is even if they aren't so practical to be worn.

Such as this dress, it's cute as is, maybe I'll wear it sometime to dinner or to stroll around the park, but who knows.  It's a little open at the front and therefore I would not be comfortable around lots of people in this because eyes tend to wander away from my face and downward. But I'd be fine if the boyfriend and maybe 1-2 friends were with us.  So you see, it takes planning and the perfect time to wear this.  (because if any of you know me, you know I'm not one to showcase the goods, usually they're well covered up and so this is a bit different for me).
Plus it's polyester, that thick kind from back in the day, so it's not exactly soft.  In the summer heat that type of fabric is less than practical, nor is it comfortable.

I've had this dress for about 2years, and have yet to wear it.  But I thought it was pretty, I will not cut it up, nor will I give it away.  So here it makes it's debut in my "Vintage View".

_PS: I am going to try to remember to photograph all these random finds that I own but never wear.  That way they'll each get their little moment in the spotlight.  I'm trying to make sure to post 1 per week.  So look for it under "Vintage View" if interested.


jane st. clair said...

i can't wait to see more of your fabulous finds in your "vintage view." this dress is awesome and i hope you get to wear it more!

Kristin said...

You should wear it. It's gorgeous on you!