Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Rewind: June 13-14th, 2009

Saturday I met up with idee_geniale.
She's from Chictopia.  It was super cool to meet her and hang out, we like a lot of the same stuff or at least we have a mutual obsession with Chictopia.  She came up with a plan known as "ditch the boys next time I want to go to a craft fair or something, and she'd go with me instead".   PERFECT IDEA!  I had been itching to go to Beacon's Closet anyhow, so I thought this was the right opportunity to meet.
We got our shop on, then grabbed some beers.  I think we both might've drank ourself rather tipsy.  But it was fun, we had lots to gab about.  

I was wearing:
*Gray kitten tshirt, Forever 21
*Skinny jeans (as usual), Uniqlo
*Some bangle bracelets, Forever 21
*vintage Seashell and wooden bead necklace, thrift store

Then on Sunday, I did my laundry and washed my new Beacon's Closet purchases.  This top shown above is one of them!
*New printed vintage top-Beacon's Closet
*Wide Leg, flare jeans-Frankie B
*Brown leather sandals (not shown because they're hiding under my jeans)-Target
*Black, multi-color leopard print scarf-H&M
*Orange threaded earrings-Forever 21

After laundry, BF and I joined the little neighborhood video store because we cancelled Netflix about 3 months ago.  We were wanting to kill some time with a movie.  We chose "the Rocker" starring Rainn Wilson....not so good, but an easy watch, and I laughed.  It's also filmed in Cleveland (I went to school in Ohio, near cleveland and spent many nights/days in areas they mentioned in the movie; kinda cool).
We also ate dinner at Johnny Mac's, a little bar/restaurant down the street.  I had a delicious Grilled Shrimp salad with some citrus dressing and avocados!  YUM.

And that was the weekend.  

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