Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Rewind: June 26-28th, 2009

Friday: June 26th, 2009
Went out with some friends in Park Slope.  Everyone went home except Mel and I....we had lots of gabbing to entertain us for a while longer.  However, it's not like we stayed out all night either...we had stuff to do the next day (read on)
I wanted to wear a girly dress, but too many ruffles and flowers is just not my piss and vinegar style, so I had to toughen it up with a cropped blazer and booties.  Ah, the perfect balance.
-Floral print tiered minidress, H&M
-Cropped 3/4 sleeve blazer (sleeves rolled up), H&M
-black leather clutch w/DIY paint splatters, Gift from BFF
-Black leather booties, Daffy's
-Knotted pearl necklace, Topshop

The next day......
(at a restaurant with Mel)

Saturday: June 27, 2009
Went to Soho and got our "SHOP-ON" as we like to call it.  This is why we could not stay out too late the night before.  Ok, so we could have stayed out, but shopping is sometimes more exciting.  We walked from the Lower East Side where the American Apparel Sample Sale line was ridiculously long (around the block and then some).  So we walked onward to Soho to hit up Topshop, Zara, Steve Madden (where they were having a buy one, get one 90% off sale! WTF, who does that?  And what a pity nothing in the store fit me, wrong size, too tight, whatever.  And the pair Mel liked-well I can't even say "pair", it was one shoe, and the other was missing!  So no luck for us).  We got hungry as any day of shopping will cause, so we ate around the corner at one of the only yummy, yet decently priced places in Soho.  We of course opted for cocktails with our food....duh!  Afterwards, we walked back to the LES and hit up the AA sample sale.  Luckily we got in about 15min after standing in line; it promptly started to POUR CATS AND DOGS.  We found a few things, but mostly it was all damaged.  When we were done, the sun was shining again....but phew, were we tired after a day like that.  We both retreated to our homes.
I wore:
-Ivory silk slip dress, Urban Outfitters
-Dark, skinny jeans, Uniqlo
-Brown suede sandals, Target
-Vintage cameo necklace, Thrift Store
-Vintage metal, rhinestone necklace, Gift from Aunt and Uncle
-Beige leather handbag, Makowsky

FYI, Mel has the best camera ever!  She took these photos in Soho.  I love the grafiti shots.

(my vintage Cameo necklace that all of a sudden I'm in love with again.  I collect vintage cameos alongside my obsession with owl pendants)

June 28th, 2009

Laundry Day.
I'm a procrastinator....all big plans thrown out the door!  I hoped I'd be motivated to get up and do things early so I could enjoy my day.  I did wake up early, but proceeded to go online and kill my entire morning.  When I did get up to sort the laundry and load it up, I realized it was a rather nice sunny day outside.  FINALLY!
So I pulled out some old shorts I only wore maybe 1-2times last summer.  Usually plaid shorts are a bit too preppy for my personal style, but hey it's Laundry Day!  Anyhow, I do actually sorta like them and I might wear them more often, just casual with a tee or something.  They fit much looser than last summer which is another smile-worthy tidbit about them :)
Laundry Day Attire:
-Brown, chiffon metallic polka dot blouse, Forever 21
-Brown, plaid shorts, H&M
-Woven vintage belt, Thrift Store
-Brown leather sandals, Target
-same necklaces as Saturday (see above)

Oh, and now it's that time, Sunday Evening....eewwww I so dislike this time of the weekend.  It's when I start to get antsy in anticipation of the work week ahead.  


Isquisofrenia said...

wow, sounds like you had quite the fun over your weekend.
all this outfits look awesome on you, i like those booties you are wearing!
But my favorite is the very first picture! you look so hot!!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Wow, so many great looks. The first one is definitely the perfect balance and I'm loving the cuffed jeans and cutie cute heels in the second look!

Becky Regina said...

great outfits ! looks like you had so much fun :D

jane st. clair said...

that tank top from saturday is absolutely beautiful. i love all of your weekend looks (especially your pirate patch!).

Lu said...

We need to take a shopping trip in NY soon!!

Vicky said...

Those graffiti pictures are amazing! Also, I love your cropped blazer, it looks great with the girly dress.

vanillacardamom said...

I love your second outfit, and the bike is so cute, I want one like that ah!