Monday, July 13, 2009

An Aqua Moment

A view from the Art Festival on Bluff at Silver Lake (Michigan)

*Aqua eyelet dress w/nude lining-Plenty by Tracy Reese
*Gold knotted chains and pearl necklace-Topshop
*Gold pearl drop earrings-Macy's
*Beige snakeskin gold accent heels-BCBG
I'm BACK!  As mentioned, I was away this weekend for a wedding in Michigan.  My cousin had a beautiful ceremony outdoors in the late afternoon on Lake Michigan College's grounds.  
I opted to wear this lovely dress which I adore because it makes me feel like I have a tiny waist-and what girl doesn't like that?

I chose to wear my snakeskin shoes because I didn't want to go the boring, obvious route by pairing solid black shoes with it.  I felt the beige tones of the shoes, echoed the nude color of the lining that peeked thru the eyelet holes.
And, let's not forget this was a midwest wedding, so in some cases a strapless dress with no extra coverage is a little too much skin.  Of course, once the music starts, and I can't stop, it's no problem for me to shed the jacket.  How else can a girl cut the rug, in a jacket-I think not!

After the wedding, I've decided to start wearing more shades of Aqua and Turquoise.  I've discovered in addition to fuchsias, these cool tones really work well for me.  It's like an instant glow with little effort on my part.
So I continued the aqua-moment by wearing it to work today:
*Aqua shift dress w/pockets-Ann Taylor
*Brown suede sandals-Target
*Brown wooden bead necklace-Forever 21

I was also very happy with what my hair was up to this morning.  I always think hairstyles look their best about a week after the cut/trim.  
Case and point to this opinion:
The short asymmetrical side has been flipping out in many whacked directions lately, so today when it lie as it should, it made me SO VERY HAPPY that my hair was behaving.


jane st. clair said...

really cute dresses. you look TINY in these!!

the little violet dress

Leia said...

You look great in aqua! And I agree with Jane... could you share your diet/exercise secrets please??!

Wild as a Mink said...

It's just the dresses ladies, believe me I could spare to lose a few inches of flab in my gut. The most I do is some 3lb free weights when I feel so inclined, or a little half-ass yoga on the Wii Fit. Other than that, I'd have to chalk it up to all the walking and activities we NYers are up to.

Elaine said...

Wow!! I love your dresses! Especially the first....the pattern and color are so eye-catching!
And don't worry about your looks amazing!!

Jewel said...

Nice pictures.!! You look gorgeous in Aqua shift dress. I will certainly try to get it from Ann Taylor.

E said...

i love the aqua shift dress! very chic :)

Lu said...

Ok lady...I walk around the city all the time and my body doesn't look like yours...okay I'm a little jealous... :)

I love the dresses...chic with a twist lady.

I'm about to respond to your email in a bit.