Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Overall, I'm reminded of High School Days....
and the songs that made up the soundtrack of my long ago teenage life
*Wide leg dark denim jeans, Uniqlo
*Light Blue v-neck tshirt, Target
*Beige vintage belt, Thrift Store
*Yellow multi-color scarf, Thrift Store
*Brown necklace, Street vendor in Soho
*Gold octupus earrings (my favorite pair), Boutique in Philly

I have totally, officially, become that girl I always deemed "cool" back in High School.  Now "cool" is all in the eyes of the beholder, but I can honestly say if I saw myself walk by as I am now, yet I was my highschool self, I'd probably tell my H.S. BFF

"That girl is sooooo cool".

 I finally have the HAIR, the CASH FLOW, the FREEDOM, to do whatever and be whatever; and I'll admit, that's a huge part of it.  (It's hard to be it all when you're still living under your parents' laws-my hairstyle, spending sprees, and late night romps till 4am would never fly w/the moms and pops)
It takes a lot of time to finally become that person; and high school is when you start to work it out.  Little by little, eventually you evolve, yet hold on to some basic principles of style you set for yourself so very long ago.

A quick look back:
Basically, eliminate my longer layered pieces of my hairstyle, give it a bit more of a 90's alterna-teen Delia's catalog twist to it, and that's me at 17yrs old (one of my best years, that and maybe 21).
These jeans (reminiscent of JNCOs), The tshirt (reminiscent of the quintessential thrift store kid tshirt), The scarf/necklace/belt (reminiscent of all the crap I'd pile on back in the day), and there you go, it might as well be 1997 all over again.  

Do you find certain aspects of your dress remind you of your past?

Or, if you're just now finding your personal style, or you're still young, what bits of it do you hope you'll hold onto thru the upcoming years?

Random picture of the week:
"Mr. Beetle Bug"
-found him in the back garden.  I tried to get him to climb on a leaf, he suction-cupped himself to the concrete.  He was very pissed with me as I continued to poke and prod him.  Cutie!


Alanna said...

love those pants, I am need of some serious wide legs like those. although that beetles is creeping me out a bit.

a-man-duh said...

I'm excited to see you referenced JNCO in your blog. That perhaps just made my day.

WILDasaMINK said...

Yes, I believe I still have my JNCO's in my closet back home. I will have to look sometime-yet I will never wear them again! Sooooo scary.

idée_géniale said...

I love your scarf and how you're wearing it around your neck. I'm glad someone is bringing that back!

jane st. clair said...

i love wide-leg jeans. in some ways, i don't think i'm radically different than HS because i still kind of did my own thing. i think i'm less brand-conscious and more creative now. however, i absolutely cannot wear a ribbed sweater anymore because it always makes me feel 17 again. :)

what sets my style apart the most now is that i know a little something about hairstyling and products. i could never do my hair in HS, and i always looked a bit tore up.

the little violet dress

Kristin said...

Those pants are amazing. I choose not to think about what I looked like in high school. Scary.

*** said...

I really like your jeans and the earrings.