Monday, July 6, 2009


Wore this to work today.  You might remember, maybe not, the skirt-it's been worn before....just on a Saturday.  So to mix it up and make it something new for work, I added the cropped blazer and a few of my trusty stand-by regular accessories.
*Black, cropped cotton blazer, 3/4 sleeve (rolled up)-H&M
*Black v-neck tshirt-Target
*Pink/Black printed skirt-Forever 21
*Black Miss Sixty leather chunky heeled sandals-Macy's
*Black beaded necklace-H&M
*Black patent leather belt-NY&Co.
Luckily, working in the fashion industry we can get away with wearing short skirts, bare legs, and casual attire.  It's wonderful, because I can make my weekend wardrobe work for the weekdays too-just a few tweaks and voila!  

How do you extend the life and wear of your items?

Do you wear weekend items during the week?

Honestly, there are no rules in fashion, and you should wear what you want when you want as long as it's appropriate for the matter at hand.

See, this is how I remix some of my regular items, which you've seen over and over, as well as the main item of the day: The SKIRT.

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Isquisofrenia said...

i love this idea of remixing all your stuff!!
your too cute


Jessicaisgoo said...

That blazer is really great, I like the way you have made it less 'office' by pairing it with that colorful skirt.

jane st. clair said...

i like that skirt a lot. i try to make my items stretch further by wearing them with different things. people always think i have a lot more clothes than i really do. i like idea of trying not to wear the same thing too often, but i'm guilty of wearing my AA tri-blend deep-v t-shirts and boyfriend jeans waaaay too often (like right this minute).


Catherine said...

I must say, your shoes are awesome. And I love mixing things up - I definitely make my clothes' lifespan stretch! haha :)


I'd love to be able to fit in more of my casual pieces, I work in quite a corporate environment & cardigans & silk scarves are about the only things I can incorporate during the week. Even casual fridays & rather conservative!

Love the skirt by the way, you look GREAT!