Wednesday, July 8, 2009


On Tuesday, I went to work, wearing what I consider to be much more classic than my usual self. I am not a chic lady, nor do I care to be one of those nose-in-the-air types that I usually associate with "classy dame" fashion. But it doesn't hurt to play the part in a crisp white shift and silk neckerchief once in a while.
If anything, trying on different personas is one the greatest things about fashion, correct?
On any given day, you can drastically change your outlook on life, just by your choice in dress. I can feel like a slob one day, then something much more put together the next.
Except in this case, I am not wearing shoes, so it's all shot to hell.
*White jacquard A-line shift dress-Chaiken (bought at sample sale)
*Black/white rope print silk neckerchief (A.K.A. scarf, but I like "neckerchief better)-F21
*Black beaded necklace-H&M (I wear it everyday I realize, time to go shopping)

After work, I was invited to the movies by my friend who scored two tix to the advanced screening of

"(500)Days of Summer"

Please, please, if you like Zooey or anything about her, go see this-super fun movie, I loved it!
And.....she wears nice, wonderful clothes, much with a vintage flair to it.

Now, I am not so sure when I will post again, it will definitly be a few days if I don't make it on here tomorrow. I'm going out of town to Michigan this weekend-will be back in full force on Monday. I'll have pics of my wedding fashions when I get back.
Ooooh, and I've been informed there is a wonderful craft fair going on right over the bridge from my hotel-hmmmm, might just have to check that out Saturday morning. Nothing like picking up little trinkets from your travels.

Bon Voyage to Moi!


Market Publique said...

Love Zoey Deschanel! I can't wait to see the movie!

Have fun in Michigan!

jane st. clair said...

i love zoey. she's just adorable.

your dress is really really nice. i like it a lot. v. chic look!

have a wonderful time on your trip!


Elaine said...

Love this outfit! Even if you aren't a "chic lady" I think you pull it off quite nicely!

Anthem said...

You look lovely!

idée_géniale said...

Thanks for accompanying me!! I loved every minnute of the movie and got sad as the (days) grew closer to (500). You are one classy lady no matter what you think!