Saturday, August 15, 2009

Please excuse my Absence.....I'm sure you will.

As Donnie and Marie would sing, 

"I'm a little bit Country...."

The Coney Island concert attire included:
*Basic white T-shirt-Uniqlo
*White crinkle scarf-H&M
*Basic skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Cowboy booties-Steve Madden
(clearly a Fave Rave of mine)

But one should also know the other part of Donnie and Marie's song,

"I'm a little bit Rock n Roll"

(Above pic: Halloween 2006-"Love is a Battlefield")

So obviously I was not going to pass up a


concert in Coney Island with two of my favorites of all time:




Yeah, FREE, that's what I said.  
Can you imagine seeing two icons in one day for absolutely no cost?
Well it's an awesome thing, let me tell you.
You'll have to excuse the poor photo quality, we were not all that close, and the jumbo-trons and my crappy camera do not make for a great photo.

Rest assured, I'll be back later this weekend with lots of pictures, goodies, and my outings about town, on my "Weekend Rewind", so make sure to check back in a few!


Divinity Avenue said...

Hah! Well, uh, I don't think they deliver cute hipster boys all the way to Alaska. Mine was in a box and I had to put it all together. Perhaps they figured I was a rustic hardy Alaskan girl who could put together her own... which is true, I s'pose.

I wish I'd gotten a basket though! I just got a helmet with mine.

jane st. clair said...

so envious of your concert! your outfit is super cute!
the little violet dress

Isquisofrenia Style said...

i love love the pat benetar!!
you should be some chic from the runaways this halloween!!