Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Rewind: September 19-20th, 2009

I'm a day late on my WEEKEND REWIND.  Sorry,'s just this birthday party of mine is sucking up all my time--turning 30, having a party, a guestlist of 90+, phew!  It's like planning a big to-do of a wedding, only on a tad smaller scale.  

Anyway, let's rewind and see what I was up to this past weekend--

Saturday Afternoon-September 19, 2009
Saturday Outfit,Beacon's Closet,Gray Forever 21 sweatshirt,Yellow vintage skirt,Market Publique,Burgandy H&M tights,Suede Boots,Carlos Santana boots
I had 3 large bags of clothing to attempt to sell (A.K.A. donate) to Beacon's Closet.  They never want anything of mine for obvious reasons.  So I called a car (no way could I transport all 3 bags on public transportation) and headed out.  

I'd been looking forward to wearing my new vintage skirt I bought during "Fashion Night Out" at Market Publique's pop-up boutique.  Being that it's a bit of a butter color, which to me looks Spring, I pondered how to make it look a bit more season appropriate--or shall I say I wanted desperately for it to be a


And what's a girl to do in a predicament like that?  Tights of course!
Saturday Outfit-pic 2
*Gray sweatshirt-Forever 21
*Light yellow vintage skirt-Market Publique (sorry, can't remember the actual seller)
*Burgundy tights-H&M
*Brown suede boots-Carlos Santana
*White printed crinkle scarf-H&M

Afterwards, I went home to take a rest. And then before I knew it, Saturday night rolled around. I didn't feel like getting up and getting ready all over again. In fact I had no desire to primp at all. In my lackluster mood, at least I was able to cling to the anticipation of the cool chill we were expected to receive weather-wise. We were due to meet up with friends at the Frying Pan on the West Side, near Chelsea Piers.  Being on water, with the forecast calling for a low of 53, I was stoked to bust out my favorite Fall jacket-


(or faux leather in this case).

My Quick Fix Routine
(when you don't feel like starting all over with your daily beauty ritual)

-Lots of black (eyeliner, shadow, mascara, clothing)
-Dry Shampoo (Psssstttt in my case), and some hair teasing
-A light pink lip gloss (to counteract the dark eye)
-A few spritzes of perfume (to mask what a shower might fix)
-And of course, that go-to article of clothing that makes you feel awesome
(the bomber jacket)

I actually beat the BF getting ready for the evening.  UNHEARD OF!

Saturday Night-September 19, 2009
Saturday Night Outfit,Black bomber jacket,H&M,Gray Forever 21 sweatshirt,vintage belt,Thrift Store,Skinny Jeans,Uniqlo,Express,scarf,Black booties,Daffy's
*Black bomber jacket-H&M
*Gray sweatshirt (same as in the afternoon)-Forever 21
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Black leather booties-Daffy's
*Black print scarf-Express
*Cream vintage eyelet belt-Thrift Store
Nickie,Frying Pan
The Frying Pan was full of little nooks and crannies at every turn-just ripe for the exploring! And of course we were like grown-up children on our own little adult playground:

(Wait, didn't I just mention I was planning my 30th birthday?  Maturity at it's finest folks!)

What is it about boats and old sunken ships that makes me want to be a pirate?  
If indeed we could be pirates--this would be my crew.  First matey-the BF (on left)
Aaaarrrr!  Shiver me Timbers!
(eye patch, hook, parrot, and all--a girl's got to accessorize her pirate get-up accurately)

Back to reality....
Sunday was rather lackluster-just me, my clean clothes that needed hangers, a dusty vanity, and some cleaning supplies.  I told you it was lackluster.

BF did come home from the sporting goods store with this little gem of a baseball cap.  I've been on a Yankees kick and this made my day!

Sunday afternoon-September 20, 2009
Accessories,baseball cap,Yankees
*Black baseball cap-Modell's
*Black crochet applique sweatshirt-Zara
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo

PS-Of course I like the Yankees, I live in NY and the METS are not my thing. 
And....did I mention, one of the greatest Yankees of all time is from Indiana. (Just some more Hoosier trivia). 
True story: He went to my high school (Reitz Memorial H.S. in Evansville)-any guesses??? 

Back to planning the party.....there's an oldies playlist waiting to be compiled to perfection. Ummmmm, someone tell me why I keep adding to my 6-1/2hr. playlist when the party is only 4 hours long?


UnoCosa said...

i hope you get to sell some stuff at beacons - i never have patience to do it so just dump my stuff outside my door 4 people to pick up ... 30 us a big deal - definitely worthy a huge party.... have a sweet day!!! xoxo

FashionJazz said...

U look stunning, really luv what u are wearing and I hope u get to sell some stuff!! Also sounds like u had ana amazing weekend!! Chat to u soon hun : ) xxx

Lu said...

I love how you have been styling up your outfits lately!! Esp the first with your new cute & tights-great mix of colors!!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg i love your rewinds, you always have the best outfits!
love the skirt how you paired with those tights and the bomber jacket is awesome too!!!!
you look so pretty in all of them!

a-man-duh said...

I love it when good ole Donny Baseball makes a blog! Quite excited for next weekend and have even convinced Jeralyn that we need a little Hanks visit.

Helen said...

lovely jacket dear! i miss my leather jacket from h&m, let a friend borrow it and she never returned it

Leather Bombers Jackets said...

nice post love it