Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bust Magazine Craftacular


More Bust Magazine Craftfairs added to the list:

And of course.....the one I'll be attending, as mentioned last month:

Seriously, jump in your car if you live in California and tap that shit.
Don't know how it works in London, but if you're across the pond you should get to that craft fair too.


Leproust Vintage said...

ugggghhh....It is due time I moved to NYC! Seriously. Haha...you are probably getting sick of hearing me say that! Actually, after my husband finishes his doctorate next year, we are thinking of staying with our friend in Greenwich Village for a month or so!

You must take lots of pictures at this event!

idée_géniale said...

Umm, did you just say"tap that shit", who are you? A pimp? gangster? 50cent?... I don't know you at all anymore!

yeah yeah yeah, only 3 days left til AC! whoop whoop!