Friday, October 16, 2009

Daily Wear (and Tear)

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A chilly Friday here in the fact, it's downright cold.
I should've brought a scarf and gloves w/me today.  I figured my full blown wool winter coat would've been enough.
Boy was I wrong.  (and what am I waiting for?  I have some really fun gloves, mittens, scarves, hats....why not give them a go, right?)
Friday Outfit-pic 2
Today I opted for my absolute favorite winter skirt--a camel colored sweater skirt.  I bought this lil' gem at H&M two years ago, maybe more; can't remember.
All I remember is that every year I cannot wait, I MEAN CANNOT WAIT, to wear it!  
It's one of those items that lets you break the old-school fashion rule our grandmothers and mothers always told us, "Don't wear black and brown together".
To heck with those rules; since when is it not chic to wear a camel skirt w/black?  I think it looks fantastic. 
In fact, I throw on brown wooden earring almost every single time I throw on this skirt.
So take that!
Sweater Skirt
*Black wool coat-Kenneth Cole
*Black turtleneck sweater-H&M
*Camel sweater skirt-H&M
*Black opaque tights-HUE
*Black leather boots-Anne Klein
*Brown wooden earrings-H&M

Lots of posts buzzing around in my head, make sure to stop by this weekend--I'll have more halloween outfits of days gone by, a little shout-out or two (girls you know who you are), my Weekend Rewind (everyone's fave post of mine), and maybe a new segment if I get around to wording it properly (still playing around w/the segment title).

So until then, Happy Friday everyone....or what's left of it (only 45min until midnight here on the eastcoast--someone remind me I'm not old enough to be wasting a Friday night online; but I am old enough to be really really tired and ready for bed!)


jane st. clair said...

i LOVE the skirt. i think brown and black really do go together as long as the shades are right. you look super chic here.

missDTM said...

i'm totally depressed by how cold it's been in ny. wtf! i don't even have any of my winter wear out yet...sigh...gotta do that asap.

love this skirt! now i'm thinking about a way to make one of my own from old sweaters...maybe i just need to crochet one though. have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I almost got a skirt just like that the other day, but in gray. I am so sad now that I decided to pu it back. =( This outfit look adorable! I love the black and camel together.


calivintage said...

that skirt looks so incredibly comfy and cozy. i love it!