Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daily Wear (and Tear)

What are we supposed to do when Mother Nature plays games with our wardrobes' hearts?
This weather!  Sheesh--just remember, Sunday I was too cold in tights, a turtleneck, a jacket, and more to make it 15 min. down the street.  
And here I am today,

in a t-shirt and chiffon scarf!

I am an avid weather follower; even so I am never prepared come morning time.  I find myself scurrying around gathering up odds and ends, throwing on this necklace or that scarf, just so I can make myself look as if I tried-even when it's a half-hearted attempt.  
*Black studded vest-Aryn K
*Grayish-green t-shirt-Forever 21
*Dark denim skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Black booties-Daffy's
*Bronze octopus charm necklace-a boutique in Cleveland
*Gold hoop earrings-Forever 21

Put it this way, if you're going to live in skinny jeans 95% of the week (as I do obviously), it's necessary to put a little effort into it (because I work in the fashion industry where people DO notice regardless of the office policy on dresscode).  

Today, my "effort" came by way of the studded vest

(Side Note: The VEST is a prelude for an upcoming "FAVE RAVE", so please check back soon.)

And a little extra fun with the make-up

"Fun" as in I played around w/some liquid liner, berry hues, and pale pink lip.
I do like to change the eye aspect on a daily basis, who wants the same boring taupe/neutral shadows with "nice-girl" gray or chocolate liner everyday???  NOT I!

(Personal Curiosity:  Do your eyes change colors/pick up tones, based on what you're wearing?  Notice, my eyes match my t-shirt; this has been the case with me since I was a little kid)

So, when dressing casually on an almost daily basis (if you're anything like me), how do you put a personal twist on the attire to add that extra little "effort"? 
 I need some ideas.....


junebabie said...

I pretty much do what you do- pump up the accessories! I like patterned scarves and big earrings and some fabulous boots (I think boots "fashion up" an outfit).
I try and do something interesting with my hair too, but there usually isn't time!

and I love the octopus necklace.

Amy said...

Ohmygoodness, you and I could be the same person. :) I have the exact same way in the morning- no matter how prepared I think I am.

I love this outfit! Your studded vest is wonderful! When I went to update a casual look I basically do what you do- play with the accessories or make-up. Also, I might play up my hair or wear fun shoes that may not normally go with the outfit. If your hair looks glamorous and/or your shoes are fun the rest of your outfit always seems that way too.


P.S. Your make-up looks fabulous. You are so pretty!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

yes those pants are fabulous!! you look amazing , i want that vest.
and your make up is AWESOME. VERY PRETTY.

hahha i didnt get my NYLONS for like 2 months cuz its a free subscription from UO. but somehow they started sending magazines again.


Hipstercrite said...

love the outfit! especially that scarf! very stevie nicks!

missDTM said...

this ny weather is OUT of control. why is it hot today? it makes no sense. but when i left the house, it was chilly so i needed to throw on a jacket anyway. grrrrrr. stupid weather!

i don't dress casually at all during the week. my daily outfit is usually a skirt/dress, leggings/tights, sweater and lots of necklaces and bracelets. and on the weekends, i wear leggings and skinny jeans with tees and more jewelry. boring.

Wicked Plum Vintage said...

ooooh my gawd i lurrrrve your eye makeup and i would give my left kidney for that studded vest! sweet! i love studs lately! of course!

dang girl, now that Jen is leaving the country, i wish you lived near me, cuz you would be the perfect model for my store! alas, you lives too far away!


jane st. clair said...

i like this outfit. the vest is awesome. your eyes look beautiful with that shirt! my eyes do the same thing. they also change with the weather and my health. when i'm sick or when i cry, they're bright blue. otherwise, they change from being grey, blue, and green (as well as combinations of these three). i love it.

meri said...

I have been lurking in the shadows but I'm ready to share my "beauty" secret with the to not look like I crawled out of bed, I sprinkle baby powder in my hair, shake off the excess while lightly headbanging, spray it with some $2.00 Suave, and voila- big hair! (for a few minutes at least, sigh)...

I wear jewelry every day, too.