Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Rewind: October 17-18th, 2009

Hey guys and gals!  What did you do this weekend?  
In typical Wild as a Mink fashion....

my weekend involved friends, beers, and being lazy.

Saturday, October 17th:   
Attempting to "Raise the Roof" @ my ill-fated dance party...
Saturday Night Outfit
*Black velvet vintage jacket-Sassoon (bought at a vintage store in Kalamazoo, MI)
*Black chiffon beaded necklace-Forever 21
*Black floral print mini dress-H&M
*Black opaque tights-HUE
*Black peep-toe booties-Steve Madden
*Black vintage patent leather purse-Thrift Store

-Wow, Black, Black,, black, black!  There seems to be a lack of color in this outfit above.  But honestly, the floral print adds a pop of color without disturbing the integrity of my fondness for Black.
Side Note: I've worn this dress before in a very similar fashion--only then, it was summer so I went sans tights.

This is what was playing on the 7-8 televisions.
Even with GNR, the Boss, Waylon Jennings, and me dancing around--it was hard to compete.
Side Note: Go Yankees--they ended up winning.  Tomorrow is game 3 vs. the Angels--DIE ANGELS DIE!

The boys had already mentally checked out of the dance party--
not sure they were ever really there to begin with.  
(duuuhhhhh-uhhhhhh BASEBALL! MUST WATCH BASEBALL!)
At least I had Mel, 
although, she spent a good portion of the evening chattin' up her BF. 
That's OK.  I had a fine time going Billy Idol style and "Dancin w/Myself"

When going from normal girl, to train-wreck w/smeary make-up--
There's nothing better than the diner at this point.
Oh and look, a gulp of coffee and I'm back to my bright-eyed, bushy tailed self...
Not so much the case with BF...
Ok, so that was that....
And the "CUTE ACCESSORY OF THE DAY" award goes to: 
She got this little eyeglass thingy at Michael's craft store; 
and she transformed it into a nice use of the spectacles!

Sunday, October 18th:
Planned to go to the library; found out my attire was not suitable for arctic-like chill
Chictopia,True Religion,denim,contest
Yes, so it was COLD!  And I could not wear this, nor should I wear this when needing to walk about 15 min just to reach said library.
But after showering, dressing, throwing together something I might not normally find myself wearing on a Sunday, I had to grin and bear the chill to get my outfit shot...
Sunday Outfit,Black bomber jacket,jean shorts,Black opaque tights,vintage turtleneck,vintage belt,Thrift Store,H&M,HUE,Uniqlo,Steve Madden,Black booties
*Black bomber jacket-H&M
*Green vintage turtleneck-Thrift Store
*Blue jean shorts, DIY cut-offs-UNIQLO
*Black opaque tights-HUE (PS-I do own other tights besides just BLACK, I promise!)
*Black peep-toe booties-Steve Madden
*Black butterfly vintage belt-Thrift Store
I have to admit, I have an extreme fondness to these shoes-when paired w/black tights they make me look the tallest I could ever possibly look.  I even get to be taller than BF in these, and my legs look LONG-what's not to like? 
Side Note: BF says the shoes are GOTH!  Ummmmm, no, I'm not in Cleveland dancing at the Chamber anymore--and even so, I wasn't even goth then, and I am not now.  What is he talking about???

So back inside I came to spend the rest of my Sunday. 
 (No library for me, add another $0.25 to my late fee please.)
To which I stayed fully dressed just to order these fun little guys:
(is BF going to tell me these are Goth too?)

And don't judge my self-discipline either, please--
I've been talking about "Wallet-Lockdown", buying too many material possessions, etc.
Just so you know, I had one of those credit card gift cards--
so these are a bit of a birthday present.
Side Note: I've been trolling around for a pair of Docs for sometime now.  I just couldn't decide what I wanted, or if I was too old to resort back to my high school wishlist.  But I'm really down with this pair I found.  I like the eyelet detail-it brings them one notch up from the regular Doc Martens, while still keeping them somewhat sensible (unlike, say, the bright pink patent-leather ones I also contemplated).
We'll see when they arrive--I can always return them if they aren't for me.  But I'm thinking w/an outfit like I wore today...ummmmm PERFECT!

Then, it was dinnertime.  BF and I decided on Sundays, we're going to try to make real meals.  No more chicken fingers and tater tots--we're entering the grown up world finally.
I helped him make this delicious number:
*Broiled salmon w/breadcrumbs
*Spinach w/Parmesan Cheese
*Garlic Mashed Potatoes 
(Cooking with Cocktails, I hope you're proud)

The vintage butterfly belt.
(And I'm no Mariah Carey--I actually despise butterflies on grown women, but this one's ok)

Now it's time to go call pops-it was his birthday on Friday; but he must've been out on the town w/my mom.  They were not home....I'll give them a ring and talk some Yankees jive and my dad will be a happy man.
Hope you all had a great weekend!


idée_géniale said...

Great, you had to use the crotch shot in here too. Thanks so much, now I will be up there with the likes of Lilo and that Britney's shameless.
Dance party next weekend?

Anonymous said...

this entire post was the funnest thing ever! omg were you a lil bit tipsy??? lolz

yeh nice crotch shot sweetie!

yeh those tights do make your legs look really long!

and MEL! cool...

salmon ewwwww....

kickass boots...



Leproust Vintage said...

Oh my gosh, you and your bf are adorable! I seriously am wishing i lived in NY and living vicariously through you! Your weekend sound and look so fun!

LOVE your black floral dress, and as always, you have the cutest shoes!!!

FashionJazz said...

Wow hun!! What an amazing weekend!! I luv ur wknd posts!! xxx

Anonymous said...

OMG! I want to come hang out with you on the weekends- they sound like SOOO much fun!!

Great weekend style too! Love them all- especially your party dress and those boots are to die for.


Anonymous said...

can you believe a girl is reading about sports. lol :) i can't help it i love it!

mandie reed

a-man-duh said...

Are we ever jealous! Looks delicious, much better than those tator tots!

missDTM said...

cute post!! i ADORE the boots you have on! i want!! the weather in ny is so terrible...i really can't handle how quickly the weather has changed. boooo...

and yes, i am pemora's sister...i haven't been on chictopia in forever...i was getting NO love! booo.

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg i want this first dress!!!!
you look so hot! and the second photo is so much fun.

im lovin the belt, you pretty thing!!!

Indiana Adams said...

That's IT. I'm coming to NYC and I'm crashing your social circle. TOO MUCH FUN TO BE HAD! And while I'm there I may jack your Mariah Carey belt. You, my friend, have been warned!

UnoCosa said...

you are the funnest girl around :D - love the elastic belt w/ butterfly!!! xx