Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Rewind: October 23rd-25th, 2009

Let me start out by warning you

this is one of my most TAME (read: boring) WEEKEND REWINDs

Friday, October 23rd:
Just when you thought you knew me, and you figured my quirkiness was just a little something-something, I blow you away with my


 No really, check it out: Ghouls Nite Out
(Oh boy, do I have a story about the time I was a member of the National Ghost Society-I'll spare it for another time)
This is the group of friends (above), minus the BF who's photographing our ghastly attempts at being "scary", that joined me on the Ghosts of NY walking Tour.

It was a cold, rainy (and therefore who can be certain what's an orb, and what's just moisture?) evening.  Lot's of wind too, so I bring you a half-ass outfit on my part:
*Black wool coat-Kenneth Cole
*Black cowl neck sweater-H&M
*Gray leopard print leggings-Forever 21
*Black leather boots-Anne Klein

We started out in the East Village, with tales of Peter Stuyvesant (AKA: Peg-Leg Pete) and his said to be ghost that haunts the ground and vault (where his tomb is located) of St. Mark's Church in the Bowery.
What the heck is that thing floating by his chest???  Yeah, freakin Scary!
Then onward to the Merchant House, boasting to be the most Haunted House in the city!
Several stops throughout the evening revolved around Edgar Allan Poe.  This is his nicer of the homes he owned during his lifetime.  It's been said sometimes you can still see him in the second floor window, writing by candlelight.  Ummmm yeah, SCARY again!!
And my favorite stop of the evening, Washington Square Park, where thousands upon thousands of people are buried beneath.  
Truly a hotbed of paranormal activity, I will indeed be going back to see what I can stir up.  For now, I just have to wonder why, if these are raindrops, they're travelling upwards???  Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too, SUPER SCARY!!!
If you want some more scary things, check out the rest of my posted photos --some of it's kinda wierd!

Saturday, October 24th:
This is where the rest of my weekend gets pretty dull.  (umm clearly)
 I mean I'm lovin' me some JON BON JOVI!  Who does that?

Ok, so after my short homage to Jon, I had to get back to things, and actually get out of my house.
*Purple suede jacket-H&M
*Black vintage Bon Jovi t-shirt-gift from ex bf (and he found it on Ebay)
*Blue skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Black leather booties-Daffy's
*Gold hoop earring and chain necklace-Forever 21
My main issue of the day was to try on my entire Halloween costume and figure out exactly what I was going to have the tailor's do to fix it up to my desired look.  (I like to go into the tailors' with a knowledge of what's being done, and letting them know, that I KNOW, how to go about it--just I'm too lazy to do it myself.  This way they cannot rip me off, and they cannot give me something I'm not expecting.  We're all on the same page).
Unfortunately, my desired look does not include the "capri pant" shown below (this is all I can show you or else you'll completely guess my costume)...I'm just too tall for the vinyl leg, and I cannot take it back!!!!  
(And let me tell you, it's a 1-piece, so if the leg is too short, you can guess the torso is pretty ill-fitting as well.  Oh great!)

Sunday, October 25th:

Even more lame than the rest, LAUNDRY DAY!!!  aargh!
The one good thing about Sunday, I managed to pull out a sweater from the bottomless pit known as my "sweater basket".  It's a sweater I always forget about, but never seem to let-go when I do my closet clean-out about once a year.

I found this little bit of "holiday goodness" (yeah a bit to holiday-ish for October, but heck who cares?  It's sparkly!!!!)right after Christmas at H&M; it was on sale for oly $4.90!!!!  Heck yeah I was gonna buy it!  That was two years ago.  I think I wore it around my sister's house on Christmas Day last year.  And for the second time, I wear it here, on Laundry Day.
*Ivory sweater w/sequin bow detail-H&M
*Brown tank-Old Navy
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown felt and suede wedge boots-random Italian Sample Sale (don't remember)

And now, Sunday is almost over (11 minutes to be exact), and I must work tomorrow :(  That was my weekend; now how about yours????


jane st. clair said...

i love this post. seriously.

okay, first, i LOVE LOVE jon bon jovi. i mean, his only negative feature is that he is totally loyal to his wife and thus would never throw down with me given. of course, that's part of what makes him such a great guy. (we'll bracket here, for the sake of argument, the chance that even if he was single he might not be interested.)

second, that sweater is awesome. the fact you got it for so cheap is even better.

third, your laundry-day picture face is basically the most adorable thing ever.

fourth and finally, the paranormal tour sounded v. cool.


idée_géniale said...

This weekend HAD to be tame in order to save all the crazyness for next weekend!!!!! Yayayayayayaya. it's going to be your best weekend rewind yet.

I love the white bow sweater so if you ever want to give it up, please head on over to my house.
I did laundry on Sunday too!! yoah, we both had boring Sundays.

Hope you got your costume sorted out.

missDTM said...

very cute outfits!!! the tour sounds like a ton of fun...super jealous...i love halloween and can't wait till the weekend! i haven't put my outfit together yet--my friend bought half of my stuff so i gotta pick it up from her...

Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds perfect to me!! Love every one of your outfits!! I can't believe you look that cute on laundry day (you should see what I wear- not pretty lol)- love the bow sweater.

So glad to hear that Haunted Ghost Walk was so fun! Your post really makes me want to go on one. :)


Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg looks like its freezing there!!
im getting cold just by looking at this photos.
i love your leggings!!!
and omg that place looks scary. during my weekend i went to see paranormal activity and i got so scared, that movie keeps you jumping off your seat at all times.

have you seen it yet????

by the way i love love the bow sweater so adorable!!!!!

junebabie said...

I heart bon jovi too! I have a t-shirt, but it's not vintage. and I love the h&m bow sweater.
ps. I kinda gave you a blog award-thingy. check it outttt. :o)

Indiana Adams said...

I hate ghosts! So scary!

I love Bon Jovi. Way more than ghosts.

And I love those boots. At first I though they were leg warmers, which I was still for, enthusiastically, but then I realized they were boots, which I'm still for even MORE enthusiastically!

Leproust Vintage said...

I LOVED looking at your ghost tour pics....freaky! Thanks for the suggestions for the Nashville tours...I am definitely going to do one! My crazy little brother spent the night in a haunted penitentiary in WV last year and videotaped his entire adventure...some pretty crazy stuff!

Your laundry day outfit is so cute.....definitely does not look like you are going to do laundry!! :)