Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daily Wear: Beacon's Closet=LOVE

Did I ever mention how much I love Beacon's Closet?  Sometime I feel so privleged to have it just a few blocks away from my doorstep.  (no I do not live in Williamsburg...I'm talking the Park Slope location).

Living in a city with picked over thrift stores, high prices at vintage stores,
Beacon's Closet shines like a very bright star!

Where else can you score a Moschino skirt for only $20.00???  I can't come up with anything, can you?  Um, try Beacon's Closet!!!

You know what else I love?  I love that "Shorty" here, the random man on in Hell's Kitchen, make me look like I'm model-tall!  If only that were really the case, then I could die a happy, happy woman.  Darn, I'm only medium-tall in real life.

And another thing I love, Rudy's Bar and Grill!  Free hotdogs people!
And Rudy the Pig...we kinda match!
But back to the matter at hand...Beacon's Closet.  I still can't believe I actually got a full blown designer item for only $20.00.  Who would've given that baby away?
I had to have it tailored, to which the seamstress kinda butchered the side seam leaving me with a lower left hip-and a higher, puckery right hip at the side seams.  That's what I get for a $10 botched tailoring job, probably should've just put my fashion school skills to work and done it myself.  But still...it's nothing I can't conceal, did you even notice the hips are a bit screwy before I told you??

If you're ever visiting NYC, please please please take the short trek out to Brooklyn (you know, the coolest borough in the city?).  You won't regret a little trip to Beacon's Closet.  It's a mecca of contemporary gently used clothing and vintage goodies galore.  Don't even get me started on all the frocks I've come across in my 7 years as a NYer!
Actually, just hit me up whenever you're in town--I'll take you to Beacon's Closet myself...I'll even suck it up and venture to Williamsburg for you and your vintage scavenger-like tendancies...the Beacon's Closet in Wburg---HUGE!  Huge beyond words, so make sure you set aside 2+hours, or else we'll never get thru every rack in that store.

So when you coming to visit???

If you're lucky...I might even take you to visit Rudy the pig.
-Green Jacket, Forever 21
-Red blouse, The Limited
-Vintage belt, Thrift Store
-Printed skirt, Moschino (via Beacon's Closet)
-Brown sandals, Target
-Vintage purse, Coach (via Thrift Store)


merl said...

for crying out loud.. will you ladies STOP trying to convince me to move?! I mean I just signed a lease with the Manfriend, and he wouldn't be very happy paying that rent on his own..I do want to try and plan a trip maybe around August-ish.. I'll keep you posted. I got a taste of beacons when I came out, and mama wants more.

ps.. I've played 'light of the morning' basically on repeat for the past two days. I'm kinda sorta obsessed..

The Semi Sweet said...

Book me on the next flight to NYC!!! heheehee...I went to the one across the street from the Brooklyn Brewery (williamsburg one I think) and I only got about 40 minutes in there. The husband was getting a little antsy and annoying. So I definitley need another trip to NY just for kicks and giggles.

Hipstercrite said...

i know it's probably still a little nippy in NYC, but I would have loved to seen the outfit without the jacket. don't hide the red away!

Annie, The Friendly Fox said...

That's such a rad find!! I wish I would've had more time when I was there last month! Next time, I swear I'll get a hold of you and make you take me there! Then we'll get hot dogs!

Anonymous said...

Your blouse is gorgeous! As a matter of fact this whole outfit is stellar.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads

No said...

i agree-- Beacon's Closet is the sh*t. I think i've time travelled by walking in the front door...

and NY is the sh*t, too. i go play at least twice a year. super convenient, too, because the train station is right down the street.....

Those Tricks said...

holy hell!
AWESOME find and skirt.

Madison Rae said...

I am putting this store on my list of places to visit when I come visit New York. I think I might have a problem leaving, though.
You look absolutely fabulous, though. That skirt is fierce.

Lara said...

One of these days when I make it out to NYC for more than 8 hours, I am heading to this infamous place you call Beacon's Closet.