Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Rewind: January 22-23, 2011

This weekend I went with a theme, BLACK AND WHITE.
I'll admit, it didn't just happen that way, nor did I just tell myself wear only black/white schemes this weekend, is mostly out of pure laziness.
Both days I even wore 90% the same accessories or some very close variation of each.

I'll tell you why I'm so lazy about it right now, because I'm not all that happy with the way my wardrobe is fitting these days.  So its mostly out of what I can find that actually FITS....yeah, I've got some weight gain going on that I'm not particularly fond of.
It started way back in Oct. when I went on vacation, sure...but I got it back to a suitable spot-THEN STUPID MOTHER NATURE HAD TO GO AND THROW A SNOWSTORM MY WAY, which stranded me in Illinois at xmas time for 4 extra days.
Four extra days means four extra days of lethargy and lots and lots of cookies.
Ever since, things just keep on expanding.
Gah! Hate! Grrrrr!
So what you see below are things I have found that kinda work with my "new" figure-or detract the eyes from areas I'm not happy with (ie: expanding gut!  oh we girls and our body issues)

Saturday: January 22, 2011
To detour eyes away from my "problem areas", I've taken to wearing things that are a little more revealing, even if I'm covered up...I'm showing you my curves, particularly in the chest area-I figure if anything it'll distract the attention, right?
I've also taken to piling on the accessories, a little flair and bling will definitely help my situation.
And I bough the above purse this weekend which I LOVE...can't tell you how much I've been jealous of all the downtown girls and their awesome rockstar fringe-y bags...for MONTHS NOW!
Finally I just got one, and its from H&M so its not like I broke the bank at all.  Yay!
Eh, if anything, least I've still got good hair.
Well hair I adore, as I say that I realize it's not everyone's cup of tea-but it's this girl's "THING"
I also bought the belt the same time I got the purse.  The other day on FB I posted a pic of the beautiful Joan Jett because I particularly liked this one outfit she had on.  I told myself to start dressing more like that...and this belt will help me on my way.
Saturday's outfit:
*Black cardigan-Alberto Makali
*White t-shirt-Uniqlo
*Gray jeans-Uniqlo
*Black belt, purse, bracelets-H&M
*Black booties-Steve Madden
*Multi color silk scarf-Liz Claiborne via Dusty Rose Vintage
*Silver necklace-Thrift store

Sunday: January 23, 2011
This time around I opted for a drapy top, showing off the girls without showing off the midriff...diverting attention you see.
Pretty much all the same accessories, necklace-belt-scarf 
(although different, but still doing the same thing yesterday's scarf did)
Maybe I could try accessorizing with a smile once in a while?  
Why so serious?  
I feel silly smiling by myself I guess.
Sunday's Outfit:
*Black cardigan-Uniqlo
*White tank-Uniqlo
*Black jeggings-Gap
*Black boots-Jessica Simpson
*Black purse and belt-H&M
*Multi print scarf-F21
*Silver necklace-Thrift Store
*White bracelet-Beacon's Closet

Ok kiddies-hope you're weekend went well.
Nevermind my ramblings about my body...clearly its nothing I can't fix with visits to the gym.
Ugh, excercise!

I'm out...gotta jet.  I'm off to the Lower East Side for about an hour and one drink (or so I hope my willpower will stick with me for this plan).
Boyfriend is deejaying, I should be nice and check it out.
(yes, I said BF...whoops, is that allowed?)


Nancie Mwai said...

b/w is always a dont worry even though you did it a whole weekend! looking fab! i hate exercise too but we got to stay fit

lauraa said...

You don't look like you've gained weight! So if you have, your dressing technique is working!
By the way your thing about smiling made me laugh- if I take my own photos I feel like a complete fool smiling at the camera all alone!

Mens Suits said...

First of all i was took by your good looking face before the dress, you look so beautiful when close up and with that dress you look like rockstar.

Dusty Rose Vintage said...

you know i love you, babe, but when i read this i feel like i need to tell you to stfu. even a gut the size of rhode island would be hot on you!!!

Anonymous said...



Colette said...

I really don't think you've got anything to worry about, you've got a beautiful slim figure :) You wouldn't be able to get away with skinny jeans if you had any sort of a gut, which I love by the way, the colour and fit really suits you.

Hannah said...

I really like your hair. Just the other day I was reading an article in a mag (Allure?!) and it was showing how the rock star shag was coming back. Yours of course is more real life than stage which is as it should be.. unless you're leading a double life?!

That purse is an awesome find from H&M! It completely fits with your edgy style.

Body issues?! Psht, you've got nothing to worry about!

Isquisofrenia said...

the purse loooks so cool i always see it when i go to h&m but i never buy it
your rocking this outfit
i love love the last photo looks so cool.
oh i adore your hair!!

Alyson said...

I know how you feel. It doesn't matter how much people say that you look great (which you do look fucking great)... when you don't feel like you... you don't feel like you. It started towards the end of summer... facing up to the fact that I wasn't going to get any thinner and the fact that because I started working out, I got me a rockin' ass and some super hot thighs (remember, my thighs are radioactively hot)? So I started buying bigger pants... and by bigger, I mean ones that fit.

Do what you can to feel more like you, but don't stress about it because you're a hottie.


Alecto said...

i don't think it's possible for you to ever look bad. seriously. i mean-- you're one hot mama, anything you wear is golden in my book :-)