Saturday, May 21, 2011

Daily Wear: Savage Beauty

I know a lot of you can't just hop on a subway and end up at the front steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art like I can.  But if you're in NYC before July 31st, and you're even remotely interested in fashion then you MUST check out "Savage Beauty"!  For those unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, its the Alexander McQueeen (RIP you talented thing!) exhibit going on now.

Below are just a few pieces that I found to be my favorite amongst the 100+ pieces on display.  There was actually so much craftsmanship, detail, beauty, its actually quite hard to say exactly what my favorites are.

The jacket below was gorgeous!  I wish I had a photo of my own as it was paired with a tulle evening gown and the jacket overall was much longer in length than the photo here is allowing.

These silk tulle evening gowns and silk satin jackets were divine, something fit for royalty.

This dress is amazing!  I cannot even imagine the painstaking hours something like this must've required.  Some of the flowers used were REAL.

Upon walking into the exhibit, these two beauties are on display...they really are two of the best pieces in the entire exhibit.  The red gown is made of plastic disks on the bodice and feathers in the skirt.  
The ivory gown is made of clam shells!
talk about creativity!
None of the above photos are my own, I've taken them from various websites.  It's unfortunate as I did have my camera with me, however photos are not allowed at this particular exhibit and I was not brave enough to break those rules because quite honestly I was not willing to miss out on this showing for the sake of getting kicked out for being a rule breaker.


Afterwards we headed outside and snapped a few shots in front of the fountain.  I would've done outfit shots on the stairs, since this is where the kids from Gossip Girl would meet (I do have a thing for Chuck Bass), but too many tourists splattered themselves in my way, so the fountain was the next obvious choice.
I was at work during the day, and by this time it was excuse the haphazard appearance, after a day in my office one tends to look a bit haggard.
It's still pretty chilly in NYC, Spring has failed epically! So I'm still with coat and boots. But leopard print booties...YES PLEASE!  I don't care if its 90degrees outside in a few weeks, I'll probably still be wearing these babies.  We know I do like just about anything leopard; and a little heat isn't going to stop me.
*Black bomber jacket-Urban Outfitters
*Ivory jersey dress w/lace panels-Urban Outfitters
*Black leggings-Uniqlo
*Leopard print booties-Forever 21
*Necklace and Earrings-Forever 21
Now excuse me, as I get my weekend started...
and you probably should get going on your weekend as well--do not waste your day online reading blogs...blek!  There's so much to do outside!!!!!!!


Teddi said...

OMFG i'm sooo jealous, u brat! i showed a bit of McQueen on my blog n Apr. as 4 wkend, already went 2 pottery class this aftrnoon & going 2 C live bands tonite. LUV ur leopard boots!

Tor Hershman said...

Vernor's ginger soda, yeah.