Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Rewind: June 11-12th, 2011

This weekend was what I like to refer to as, "A Downtown Dolls Weekend"--meaning I hung out with the girl gang A LOT!
Not sure how well you know me, so this may be a well known fact, or little known secret, to you...but yeah-I started a girl gang last summer!  So if you see me in this vest, or you hear me mention the Downtown Dolls-that's my street crew!
I will not get into it much, since you can easily click the links here, or the DTD badge on my side panel to read up on our mischief.

But the girls keep me busy, keep my head on the ground, and keep me rollin' in the fun!
Thank goodness for weekends like this past one, 'nuff said!
Saturday: June 11, 2011-
Helloooo Chanel
It started out with me thinking it was actually summer, after all is it not June?  Well weather does not always cooperate with my plans to wear cut-offs at all times on the summer weekends, and brrrrr was I chilly!
Being rainy and cold, the Renegade Craft Fair we went to in McCarren Park was a bit of a bust...at first. I am one cranky lil' "B" when I'm miserable-and chilly air, rain, and too many people tend to make me one giant grouch.  So the first half of the day was not one to make me smile...obviously the pic above was taken when the rain went away and I was much more people-friendly.

So yes, we went to the craft fair.  It was fun, especially since SewMeSomeLove is hangin' out with us for most of the summer (she's like my fake-lil' sister having known her the past 21yrs of my life, and well my real life intern)...we get to take her to these things and show her around and overall just make her see how awesome NYC is (especially in the summertime)!
Renegade Craft FairIMG_5187
Between the oodles and oodles of ogling I did, all the jewelry I wanted, and the loot to be had...can you believe I walked away with just a silly owl pin for my vest?  Actually, its not all that surprising of me now that I think of it.
I did however snag some presents for friends, so it wasn't all a lost cause I suppose...I guess I just like when I can justify buying something for myself as well.  Not happenin' lately.
We also spent Saturday eating and drinking, having some brunch you know?  We gravitate toward Matchless, a bar in Greenpoint A LOT...it's almost like our second clubhouse.  They have a pretty cheap yummy menu so it works for us!
Matchless Brunch w/the girls
While waiting for food we of course got all hammy for the camera--I for one thought I'd show you I actually have wavy hair, when it gets rained on this is what it does! Buggers!!!!
And the overcast skies are making me look like I have gray hair, no?  I swear it is NOT gray...but its so silvery blonde here, WTF is up with that??
Joan Threat...does brunch
Ham, Ham, Ham it up!
Micki Dagger...does brunch
So that was Saturday.  I had all good intentions to go out later that evening, but it was a long long day and I just got way too comfy at home around 10pm to think about getting up to go out.

It was a long chilly day, what can I say...it wears a girl out!
And let me give a HUGE thank you to my buddy, Dusty Rose Vintage, for letting me borrow a cardigan since it was so cold on Saturday...a vintage CHANEL cardigan that is!  I was a bit smitten for a moment when I put my arms in the sleeves-I realized I would probably never wear Chanel again (oh but actually I could wear it right now as I type this considering its in my bedroom right now...I'll give it back soon, I promise).
Saturday's Attire Includes:
*Pink vintage cashmere cardigan-Chanel
*Ivory lace top-Target
*Black tank-Express
*Denim cut-offs-Gap but my own DIY
*Denim vest-My DIY gangvest! 
*Taupe leather boots-Jessica Simpson
*Black fringe purse-H&M
*Cranberry sunglasses-Foster Grant
*"Tan"-courtesy of Neutrogena Spray Mist (level 2)--I'm as fake as a rhinestone, what can I say?

Sunday: June 12, 2011-
Again, hanging out with some of my girls...we first stopped at The Museum of Art & Design.
We went there for a David Bowie retrospective, but I ended up really liking the entire museum...for the first time ever I did not lose my attention span at all!

I did however, not think to take pics of the David Bowie portion, but it came naturally when I got to the diorama exhibit encompassing two floors--seriously, amazing!  My camera was click, click, click'n away--such tiny little models, little environments, little everything--it was really cool to think that people sit around and make things like this for fun, or a living, or whatever.  I want to build models!
The top set of pictures is A.) a model (top most pic) of a blown up beauty salon, and B.) a photo (bottom pic) of the model looking all realistic and lifelike!  Pretty cool, no?

I loved the below pic because it was a large model of a building and you looked into a tiny cut out square and that's what was inside!
I felt like I was secretly peering into a world I should not know of.  There were a few pieces like this done by different artists.  Again, soooo cool!
I also really enjoyed the mini worlds inside the snow globes.
But my favorite piece of all was this spinning strobe lighted carousel thing.  The combination of rotating surfaces and strobe lights made it appear as if it wasn't going round and round at high speeds at all.  But my camera captured the motion!
There was also a modern furniture type exhibit going on.  I rather quite liked this chair because it consisted of vintage wedding gowns.  God knows there's enough of those in existence, but what a great idea!  I completely want like 2 ottomans made of this same technique...I think I could do it-um, just don't sit on them if you ever come to visit...kerplunk!
These lil' guys were right next to the furniture, but not sure what they were a part of, I just thought they were handsome dudes!
Then again, this gold background was next to the furniture too--and its "art"...I thought it looked more like a par-tay background photo-op, so voila!  Thanks artist-guy for letting us disrespect your attempt at something worthy of a museum.
Par-TAY Background
And of course me...this wouldn't be my blog without a pic or two of me now would it?
A window overlooking Columbus Circle
Let me just tell you what I was wearing, and why before we get onto the 2nd portion of my Sunday.
*Denim vest-DIY gang vest yo!
*Green tank top-H&M
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Black booties-Nine West
*Green leopard print scarf-H&M
*Black fringe purse-H&M
*Black woven bullet belt-Merry go Round (from when I was 16!)

BBQ fest Crowd
The 2nd half of my day consisted of the Big Apple BBQ Festival!  Hell YEAH!
Not only do I love me some good ol' southern BBQ once in a while,  I also really wanted to go because Those Darlins' were playing--only one of my favorite newer bands.
I saw them once last summer, but hot off the tail of their new album they stopped thru NYC to play the BBQ-fest.  I'm down with that...good eats, free show, what's not to love?
Those Darlins'Nikki
After the show, it was time for me to wet my appetite and taste me some BBQ!
Naturally, I gravitated to the booth from Nashville, TN--where else would I get my BBQ from?  Its not like Wolf's BBQ from Evansville, IN was there...so I got with the Tennessee spirit instead (um, I do want to one day live there you know, might as well start eating the bbq now--see what kinda treat I'm in for when I'm an old lady)
While waiting about an hour in line, I did spot this sloppy mess in the back of their smoker trailer...did it stop me from eating some bbq pork?  Oh No!

Instead, I might've said something like "Ya'll got some pork up in here?"
Whole Hog Sandwich
and HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!
Nom Nom
Such a lovely lady I am, no?
bbq mouth
Hope your weekend was as filled with activity like mine.  I had a blast...did you?


Liya said...

your chanel cardi is totally rad! i love it <3 and so is the fringe back xx


Dusty Rose Vintage said...

I love that you listed your tan in your item description. Classy.

JazzyO said...

Looks like a fab weekend. LOVE spending time w/ my girls..keeps me grounded as well.

THe fits are too cute!!

Anonymous said...

so much great summer fun! J

Becca. said...

love your outfit, especially your lace white top!

thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Danielle Barbe said...

it seems like you were a very busy girl! loving the vest. looks great on you!

Meagan said...

You got to hear Those Darlins play! I heard them a couple months ago. So good! And I love that you have a Downtown Dolls jean vest!

Teddi said...

fave line was "as fake as a rhinestone." the museum reminds me of the those easter eggs u peek in with the scene inside. that 70's background like a mardi gras disco fever.

Lee Voy said...

Your denim vest is like, sooooooooo
bad-ass! I love the gang-style vests with airbrush stylings and rhinestones. Cut-off denim vests suit you so well!