Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Boyfriend Jacket

I got this from Zara about 6weeks ago.
I was lusting after the look of all the girls in the mags, Liv Tyler, Mischa Barton, whoever...they were all sporting a slouchy BF Jacket and I HAD TO HAVE IT TOO!
I was having a tough time locating one that fit right, was in my size (not size 14 or whatever I kept coming across), had the lining I wanted, etc. etc. etc.
I kinda decided to put it out of my head and just come across it at some time when I wasn't necessarily out looking for it.
And, as is the case with finding just about any boyfriend, I found it when I wasn't searching.  
Came across this lovely at Zara one Saturday afternoon.
I wore it to work today, not the first time....but no one seemed to notice the last time I wore it.  Today was different, nearly everyone noticed and had something to say.  I had to take it off twice so that my coworker could show it to the patternmaker since she's working on a BF jacket for our Spring '10 sportswear collection, and my other girl wanted to try it on for herself.  (she looked cute in it by the way....she totally needs to buy one for herself....errr, maybe not, she'll look cuter than me in it, hahaha.)
My boss even commented on it being a nice jacket; he rarely comments on anything I wear.  He stays pretty unbias about our personal styles, probably because they aren't up to par, but it's better to not say anything if there's nothing nice to be said, right?
Anyway, the BF jacket was a HIT!  And I love it too!!!!

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