Saturday, May 9, 2009

A little bit of a lot of things

I wore the plaid shirt to work on Thursday (was too tired to post then, and even yesterday).
I didn't pair it with the jacket and skirt as I show here; that idea came to me only after I got home from work.  I remembered I had this awesome Luella Bartley for Target jacket from a few years ago....and just as I hoped, the colors are all the same as those in the plaid button-up.
Oh, and the plaid shirt is actually the Bf's, but he can't fit into it anymore.  Lucky me; I get the shirt!
I will probably wear this to work sometime this summer....I like how it all goes together.  It's slightly Dolly due to the tied front plaid shirt-reminds me of her in the 80s; all country and stuff.
It's also slightly 70s looking with the square toe pumps (Calvin Klein), jacket and shirt combo, colors, etc.  The sunglasses kinda add to that 70s look too.
Well actually that's what it reminds me of....maybe I'm dillusional.

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