Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Wrap-up

Memorial Day Weekend 2009:
-Friday night went to get a mani/pedi because I knew I'd be a little more ready for summer that way.  I could walk around freely without shoes on and know that my toes were looking swell.  I chose an Essie color called "Cajun Shrimp".  Got the same color on both my fingers and toes.

-Saturday I got up and went to this new gourmet market by my house; bought some fruit and whatnot for the picnic I was hosting in Prospect Park later that day.
Only 3 people showed up for my picnic, it was a bit of a bust.  We all came back to my house and played games and drank some cocktails/beers.
Later our other friends came over and it was one of the guys' birthday.  We left the house and went to grab a bite to eat and drinks at this bar in my 'hood.
I don't know what really happened from there...oopsie!  (very typical of me).
I wore this outfit to the picnic, switched to skinny jeans before we left my house
 * Tiny Flower Print blouse, Forever 21
 * DIY, high-waisted cut-off shorts, Uniqlo (used to be a pair of wide leg jeans)
 * Vintage/thrift-store beige rope belt w/metal accents (Akron, Ohio's Village Discount Outlet)
 * Vintage Dolce and Gabbana bamboo wedges, Beacon's Closet (Williamsburg location)

-Sunday spent most of the day sleeping.  Got up and saw Star Trek later that evening.  Good movie.

-Monday, spent most of the day on the internet, thinking I will sign off and go to BEst Buy to buy another guitar for our Guitar Hero.  Dualing Guitars anyone!?!?

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