Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I thought I might stay in my apartment all day, what a waste that would be....afterall it's not like I usually have a Monday off of work.  (slave to the fashion industry Monday-Friday)

But aha!  I did go out.  Boyfriend and I planned to buy me a guitar so we could battle eachother on Guitar Hero.  It looked sunny outside and I thought it was worth trying to dress in something kinda girly and cute since the majority of the weekend was spent being grubby or in shorts and bbq type clothes.
Today I wore:

Black satin, embroidered dress-Forever21
Black kidskin woven t-strap sandals-Colin Stuart (Victoria's Secret catalog)
Black/clear epoxy beaded necklace-H&M
Black sunglasses-H&M

Once we went outside, we said nevermind to the whole TimesSquare/Toys R Us trip we had in mind.  Instead we stuck to Park Slope and found a great Mexican restaurant on 5th ave.  Yum!  I ate my entire fajita burrito and felt overly full....didn't feel so great walking home afterwards.  We stopped for some iced coffee and a quick people watching session.  Then we headed home because the food was just too much in our bellies.  

Here we sat and played Guitar Hero for the next few hours.  Although I did not get my own guitar, I'm certain I want one....just so I can practice on my OWN and get better because I am really awful at it.  I should stick to trying to be someone's tambourine player in a band, I don't think guitar strumming in is my future....sad, but true ;(

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