Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too late to find out....

That I don't really think I'll get much wear out of this dress.  It's not even what I wore today. 
I wore the white tshirt, but just with jeans....basic (er, basically boring).  Not feeling too inspired today.
I got home from a tiring day of running around the office grabbing fabric here, sketches there, making bead patterns, etc....only to come home and realize I didn't document my outfit yesterday so i better snap to it today.
I grabbed this dress out of my closet for the fact that I have yet to wear it since I bought it at TArget about 3months ago.  
Good time to give it a whirl and see what I like or don't like.
Pretty much I don't like it.  Too bad it's too late to take it back.
I will wear it here and there, but I will not be crazy about it.  It's a bit like a mechanics jumpsuit, something with the material....and the zipper too.  I'm all for exposed zippers, but this just basically does what most of my Target stuff does: Unflatters
The outfit n consists of:
Black zip-front dress w/elastic waist-TARGET
AWESOME Beaded Bracelets, vintage/thrifted (???)-GIFT (from friend Sara, Brandon's wife)
Black leather booties w/wood heel-DAFFY's

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c'est freak, le chic said...

Love the dress! The bigger the zip the better, I say haha.