Monday, June 22, 2009

Business in the Front-Party in the Back!

Just another day at work:
*Black v-neck tshirt-Target
*Black/natural linen mini-Uniqlo
*Multi-color leopard print scarf (worn all the time)-H&M
*Black sandals (also worn all the time)-Miss Sixty

First of all, I want to let you know I appreciate all of your comments on my blog, it's great to know that some people actually read my boring everyday doings.  And I like to read your blogs in return...I like the positivity that goes back and forth between us all, lots of good ideas, thoughts, etc.

But, it's quirky how this one person (not a follower on this blog) spent way too much time going out of the way to make comments; case at hand, multiple comments, but not of any use to me.  I mean just get to the point, and if it's pointless please don't say it at all.  I appreciate individual opinions, people that think for themselves, but when it's really not relevant to my lifestyle or whatever I'm up to...just please save yourself the breath.
This dumpy d-bag (almost felt like linking "d-bag" to his Chictopia profile, but will not draw underserved attention to him)who has yet to post a photo of himself that shows he even gives two shits about his wardrobe or overall well-being left me like 4 comments about the same thing pointing out hilarious things that to me don't even make sense.  Something about wearing pointy white heels with my denim shirtdress would make my legs appear longer than they actually are....NO SHIT!  Don't all heels do that?  Didn't he read the part where I said I rarely even wear flats because I want to appear taller than I am?  
Then he goes on to make another comment about the size of my purse being too big for my neck or something...I can't even remember.
Yet my favorite is when he tells me my shoes are too formal for the denim "farmer-like" denim shirt.  He must've also missed the part where I mention my shoes are Burlap-you know, a "very formal" type fabrication for shoes.
Overall it humored me, but like I said...his comments are totally not even relevant to anything I was doing yesterday.  And the fact that he felt like he must keep on going for 4 comments worth of nonsense....thank you for spending so much time on me I guess.
But, until you post a picture other than your middle-aged self sitting at a table where your white-on-white outfit isn't even viewable for scrutiny,  please save your lip for another time.
And the part that irks me, is he feels he can call me "Nick".  Uh, No!  we're not friends-don't call me some shortened form of my name in an attempt to smooth it over.

And another laugh-worthy moment was 97% of Glamour readers, when polled about the return of the mullet (which honestly I thought maybe they were on their way back out)said it is a "DONT"....well I like my half/side mullet and actually I've been meaning to make an appointment sometime the first week of July to go get it trimmed up, mainly because I'm attending my cousin's wedding on July 11th.  Yeah, trimming my mullet for a wedding!

Business in the Front-Party in the Back!!!!!


chicmuse said...

I like your look!. Im liking your blog too.


jane st. clair said...

i think your hair is AMAZING. so so awesome.

i think i know who you're referring to b/c i saw a similar comment he left for another gal on chictopia. she looked SO cute and he was so mean! thankfully, she schooled him in her reply, as you have done here. ugh. he's a troll.

WILDasaMINK said...

haha, Jane st. clair, I'm so going to tell him to hit a gym and style himself up appropriately before he comes-a-commenting again...he's such a dork.
At least by the looks of him I now know I'm not the oldest one on Chictopia-haha!

And Chicmuse, thank you so much for reading! I'm going to check out your blog too!

a-man-duh said...

I'm a fan of the mullet. I tried to rock one before getting a job, I can't pull it off.

Lea said...

haha. wow, you write a lot. I wasn't expecting that from your chictopia posts. you look lovely though. and no- the mullet can't come back because it was never a real trend, it was always kind of there and never went away.

ONiC said...

aww you look lovely. everything fit you so well.

nobutterfly said...

If there is such concept as elegantly cute, this is it! The gray mini skirt is the perfect mini. You look cool.

Vicky said...

That guy is a total tool, I think you've got great style, and I've added you to my blogroll!

Seriously, he reminds me of the Turtle from Sex and the City. Before the makeover. (Hope we're talking about the same person now!)