Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Get Dressed For Success" ---Roxette

Remember Roxette?  I always thought that girl was super cool looking cause she was one of the only short-haired, bleach blondes back in that day-or at least one that could pull it off.  
Roxette is pretty awesome.
I'm happy to report the super-glue worked on my owl necklace shown in my last post.  It had broken.  Now I have to wear it with extreme care; I cannot fling myself recklessly around, for fear his little feet will break off the limb once again.  I love him and I want to wear it; I'm a little afraid-I'm not the most cautious of girls.
As you can see, I have officially busted out a skirt.  It's about time.  I plan to wear another skirt at least one more time this week; and probably a dress too.  It's just time to do something different for myself
*Black, v-neck tshirt-Mossimo (Target)
*Silk print scarf-Forever21
*Black leather, gold slide buckle belt-Vintage 80s (thrift store)
*White denim A-line skirt-H&M
*Black Leather strappy sandals (new purchase!!!!)-Miss Sixty (Ironic that the style# is "Nicole"-how fitting for someone like myself to buy them).

Yesterday after my long hours at work, I treated myself to a new pair of chunky wood and leather sandals.  I needed something other than my t-strap kinda dainty/girly black sandals...and these will work just swell.  They help toughen up anything that needs it, or so I hope :)  Plus, did I mention that these shoes are superbly comfortable?  I wore them the entire day-no blisters, no nothing!  Just comfort.  


Isquisofrenia said...

those shoes are killer
wow i love your outfit here!

Robin said...

You look stunning.
The skirt is lovely.