Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reworked, works?

*cotton pinstripe jacket w/navy ruffle at center front-John Varvatos
*Navy tshirt-Target
*Taupe and Gray Lace/tulle tiered skirt
*Brown leather sandals-Target

As I was just saying on my Chictopia site, this isn't really a dress, but a skirt.
You see, I bought it years ago just because it was on sale and I had convinced myself I could fit into it even though it kept slinging itself down around my hips.  This did not make it look any better, in fact it just made me look fatter.
So after 3+years now, it's just been sitting in my dresser but I never had the heart to get rid of it because I just like it.  I like the look, color, ruffle-y lace-y goodness.
But alas, I put my big bust to good use.  My bust seems to be the size of the skirt's waistband and I am kinda liking it as a dress; ok tunic because honestly it's too short to go out in public like this.

My plan is to maybe attach the waistline at bust level to a wifebeater.  Or maybe make a little quick tank dress in mesh (color taupe so it matches the tulle of the skirt), attach the skirt at bust level to that, and make sure the tank dress is just slightly longer so I can wear the final piece as a dress and be able to go out in public.

Knowing me, I'll probably opt for the wifebeater method.  Besides, I've had it in my head for about 2yrs now to attach dress like pieces to tanks and turn them into something with the ease of a tank, but the cuteness of a dress.  So here goes my opportunity.
Now, it's just about whether or not I'll sit down and motivate myself to do this.  Or will it just be another one of those projects that falls by the wayside, a good idea that's never fully executed (oh the story of all my projects).
Below are pictures of the skirt worn as a skirt, and of the skirt worn as a dress without the jacket over it.


Isquisofrenia said...

i think you should wear it as a dress, looks really good like that with that blazer of yours.
you look so cute !!!!


ms said...

ilove the dress/skirt and the print on it!

LuLu said...

I love multi-functional pieces like this. Love it!