Thursday, June 4, 2009

shopping the closet

*Gray Tone fringe scarf-Express
*Gray oversized tshirt-
Forever 21
*Several Silver necklaces-
H&M and Thrifted
*Silver vintage link belt-
Thrift store
*Denim Skirt-H&M
*Gray, vintage suede/leather slouchy boots-Thrift Store

I used to just buy and buy, tons of JUNK.
Most of it would end up in the back of my closet, some never even worn...then I'd find it a year later when I cleaned, and of course there was always a few pieces still with tags attached.

There's no need for that; of course it's fine to pick up some quickie, cheapie finds every so often.  But I had a HUGE problem, buying something almost every other day.  
Not to say I've since lost this problem, it's just a little more under control.  This past switch-out of my Fall clothes to Spring/Summer was my awakening to the whole issue.

I saw all these items that I would never wear, that I've hung on to for far too long.  Those are now in 3 large bags ready to go to the thrift store, or the curb-depending on my mood when I finally get rid of the bags.  Either way, someone will make good use of it.
In regard to the huge pile of clothes I did keep, those are getting a whole new life.  I'm trying to rework, restyle, just breathe new life into old forgotten pieces.  Even if they were just a few dollars, if I kept it, I must wear it.

This whole idea of "shopping my closet" is becoming quite fun.  I'm challenging myself to make use of the items I kept.  It's keeping me from spending as much as I would've in the past during the giddy time that comes right before summer.  Instead, I'm cutting up old jeans, turning skirts into tunics, throwing belts around this, tucking that, mixing it up.  And it seems to keep me happy for now.  I'm kinda having fun with it actually.

Although, when I pulled these boots out of my closet today, I really really really got it stuck in my head that I NEED to get back to Ohio and take a little thrift-store shopping trip.  Oh man, Ohio thrift stores are the best (Village Discount Outlet!).   It's probably a good thing that I have no near future trip to Ohio planned, because I have no control, no matter how happy I am redoing the items in my closet instead of spending, the thrift-store is so freakin cheap that I just buy whatever strikes my fancy.  I've found so many good things there over the years...most will make an appearance in this blog at some point in time.

I didn't really wear this outfit in the photos....I don't know what I think about the skirt; it should probably go in one of those 3 bags in the corner of my apartment.  I could probably say, "goodbye" and never really miss it.  And all this while I kept the skirt, I've actually never worn it-and it's probably about 4yrs old.  Now to me, it's looking kinda outdated with those nasty "worn" sections.  Ugh, reminds me of WHISKERS on all the juniors jeans circa 2003.  (oh man, flashback to my internship).

Oh, and I trimmed my own hair today.  No big deal, I always trimmed my bangs between haircuts, this time it was a bit different.  I was a little nervous considering I haven't trimmed up short hair in about 5years....but I'm confident with the snips I made.  Ok, so I do not have short hair, I just like to believe my right side is a bit pixie-ish....not sure that it really even is.  I'm sometimes dillusional.
Anyhow, I'll see my successful trim, or my mishap with scissors tomorrow morning when I have a freshly washed head of hair.  Fingers crossed it will look OK.


Isquisofrenia said...

hahha, i used to do that too, well i kinda still do but i try to wear it ,
those boots are awesome, i totally love your style theres always something new to your outfits!!!

jane st. clair said...

hey! i found your blog via chictopia. (i'm littlevioletdress on there.)

you sounds so much like me! i used to be the same way: i'd buy tons of stuff and only wear it a time or two. right now i'm on a no-shopping kick in order to settle myself down and refocus on buying awesome pieces instead of tons of crap i forget about (not to say your old things are crap, only that mine were!) also, i am from ohio, and it seems you may be as well. i'm in north carolina more, and i too miss the thrifting (and i also miss the craft stores!) of ohio/the midwest. i really like your blog!