Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just another Saturday

(early afternoon)                  (11:30pm, when I called it a night)

Notice, I'm trying to wear more skirts as mentioned previously:
*Black, Silk cinched waist blouse-Old Navy
*Fuchsia/Black print cotton skirt-Forever 21
*Black, strappy leather sandals-Miss Sixty
*Gold leopard print pendant on chain-Forever 21
*Black epoxy bead necklace-H&M

As mentioned, I was heading to the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday.  I first off had to stop for brunch, of course  (who shops without mimosas in their system??? seriously...)

The craft fair was not given my full attention.  I had 3 boys with me (the BF, and two friends) so it's nearly impossible to look at crafts, and girly things, under those circumstances.  They were focused enough to walk with me through the entire fair, but not enough for any of us to stop and look at items within the booths.
So that was that, I left with nothing.  It's ok though.  I just went to the Bust Craftacular about 3 weeks ago and most of the same vendors were at this fair yesterday.  After so many, it starts to become the same stuff, same people, nothing new.  It's not like I missed out by not purchasing anything.  I haven't even worn the pretty feather headband and the german sheperd charm bracelet I bought at the last one.
After we all lost our attention on the task at hand, we went to the Turkey's Nest for large beers in styrofoam cups.  They put to-go lids on them now so you can take it on the go if need be.  We stayed put however.  It got to be crowded so we walked down the street to Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern.  After that I got hungry and convinced the troops we should go have mexican and margeritas; off to Vera Cruz we went.  YUM.
And then I was tired, so one more drink and I called it a night.


Isquisofrenia said...

i love mimosas!!
your skirt is so cute, ive been looking for a skirt like that one, cant find any that looks so good like yours,loving those shoes!

WILDasaMINK said...

Yeah, I could drink Mimosas all the time! Love em'; but I have gotten some crazy massive headaches from them-probably cheap champagne.
But I'm a cl-ASS-y lady like that so what do I expect,.
Check out Forever 21, they had maybe 3-4 different skirts in this same type of silhouette. I was just there last 1-1/2weeks ago, so they might still have these things. Who knows though, they have a fast turn-around there.