Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vintage View #2

*Vintage, 1960s, metallic brocade dress-Stoop Sale purchase ($3.00!)
*Gold shoes-Target
*Gold bangle bracelets-Forever21
*Vintage, Turquoise Rhinestone stud earrings-Ebay
*Beige satin bow hairclip-H&M
Bought this wonderful dress on my way home from BF's apartment about 3 years ago.  Actually, scratch that...I was walking home from the Emergency room because I previously left BF's apartment to get to the hospital to get my arm checked out since I was unable to move it after a wild whiffle ball game the day before (a whole other story, for another day, just a little hint as to what my Prospect Park BBQ's involve).  Yes, so as I was walking back to my place with my arm wrapped up in a makeshift bandage/sling thing, I passed these girls trying to sell their "junk".   Well, another girl's trash, is this girl's treasure!  I got it for only $3.00!  I've never worn it, and it needs to be fitted since it's too big.  But, I do have a big 30th Birthday Party coming up....and this looks like a perfect party dress to me.  That is, when said bday party will have an all Oldies playlist and an Elvis Impersonator for entertainment sake (curious about Elvis?  check out Stingray)
(an upclose view)

Who knows, I might find something else to wear by then, afterall my countdown counter on the right side of this blog says I've still got 100 something days left.  I will definitly keep it in mind because it's divine! 

Then, on a second note, I was noticing that I don't wear my hair up all that much.  I dug around in my box full of goodies and discovered I have a plethora of hair nonsense.  I do like my hair up, or so I discovered again, after playing around with it.  I think I will try it more often, complete with accessory goodness.

Now, just remind me to go get this thing tailored sometime in the near future.


Idée Géniale said...

This is gorgeous! Your hair looks amazing up like this. I think you'll find another dress in 100 days though...

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That is a perfect party dress and you look incredible in it!

jane st. clair said... this dress is fabulous. i cannot believe you got it for $3!! it would look great for your birthday.

Wild as a Mink said...

You're right....within 100days I'm sure I'll find PLENTY more dresses!

Isquisofrenia said...

omg this dress i want!!!!!1
i love the detail, looks so pretty goes with my shoes,
omg your right JT doesnt look like that anymore sad, sad.

Lu said...

Gorgeous dress & you look so lovely.

My gmail was hacked into so I had to create a new blog. :)

Daisy said...

Lovely dress!

Friend in Fashion said...

I can't even believe this dress cost you $3 - it is stunning & looks great with the bow in your hair :)