Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Mani/Pedi to fix a Rainy Day

*Oversized slouchy Lilac tshirt-H&M
*1970s leather grommet belt-Church Rummage Sale (in Michigan)
*DIY cut-offs-Uniqlo
*Fringe suede, coral flip-flops-Target
*gold hardware on leather rope, necklace-bought on street in Soho
*Bird gold necklace-Forever21

Today was a horrible, awful day outside.  Not nice to do anything.  But perfect for me to go get a mani/pedi which was long overdue.  I chose an OPI coral color, forgot the name (they always have such clever names too...shoot!).  I rather quite like the color, so I'm satisfied.  I also like the place I went to, it's fairly new, pretty and clean looking inside...I was a little worried what the prices were like.  But in the end, it worked out to be exactly what I pay when I go after work in midtown.  I get longer better massages at this new place so I am SOLD, and will go there more often.

I do not wear flip-flops on a regular basis, just so you know.  It's such a boring shoe, no matter how comfortable they may be.  Flip-flops are not OK.  I was just getting a pedicure so it's the normal thing to slip on your feet.

The rest of my saturday was spent at the grocery store, watching a movie on the IFC channel, and then here buying nonsense on  Now, currently looking at things I certainly do not need to buy on ebay (although it's tempting, see for yourself: BustownModern).

Oh, last night BF and I went to the movies at the theater down the street.  We saw, "The Hangover", hilarious!  Definitly a laughable time.  So funny.

Ok, I'm out....watching SNL, Alec Baldwin is hosting, should be good. (I am sure it's a rerun, what do I care, I haven't seen it) 


ONiC said...

definitely love your outfit. and the bag is awesome :D

jane st. clair said...

perfect outfit for a rainy day. i hate it when it rains and rains. it makes me sad and limits my outfit choices. if you have to wear flippies, these are a cute choice!