Monday, June 8, 2009

What I wear to Work: Summer 2009

This is a typical outfit I wear during the summertime to run off to work:

*Black/White/Gray fringe scarf-Express
*Black/White print dress-Ann Taylor
*Black leather strap sandals-Miss Sixty (yes, wearing them yet AGAIN!  I love 'em)

After work the boyfriend and I went to Best Buy to pick up a small flatscreen tv for our bedroom.  We currently have a tiny 13" that needs a converter box before this Friday or we lose our signal of course.
We opted to go the less economical route because we are a couple of excess, or need for material objects. 
That's the way I like it :)  New tv, who's complaining.
We are now all geared up ready for the switch-over from analog to D-tv on Friday.
It's a little unfortunate that we can't quite get a clear picture due to weak signals...sort of pointless to go with the high-def tv when you can't even get a picture to come in, let alone crystal-clear.

But, because I'm forgetful, I did not realize tonight was the opening night for the summer concert series at the Prospect Park Bandshell-Bummer!  I thought it started June 15th, I do not know where I came up wiht this date.  I missed the free show: David Byrne!  Aaargh!  Darn tv shopping.

Next time, next time.  I've already made a list of the upcoming shows I want to try to get to, considering as I've said before, it's only like 30seconds from my front door.  


Isquisofrenia said...

i want a flat screen too, i have an old tv,
well, i love love those miss sixtys shoes, they have the badass shoes ever !!!
i love the dress and it goes so well with the fringe scarf.
loving it

LuLu said...

I have to agree! I love the mixture of textures in today's outfit and the shoes are amazing!