Monday, July 27, 2009

Heck Yea I eat at Outback!

Wow, so sorry....I just realized I hadn't posted since Thursday.
But forgive me, I went out of town this weekend.

But for now, let's focus on my Monday.
After work I paid some bills (and yes, that's a shopping bag in my hand) around the city and BF and I got very hungry.  Being near Chelsea we opted for Outback Steakhouse because we're gluttons like that.  Plus,

who can resist a Bloomin' Onion?

*Kimono sleeve jersey dress-Urban Outfitters 
(found it on the sale rack 2yrs ago for $15!!!!)
*Gunmetal wedge heels-Target
*same necklaces and bag as always
(Sorry, switching bags is too time consuming.  I'm more of the type that will carry one big bag for months and months no matter where or what I'm doing.  It's just easier that way)

But back to my little get-away this weekend.
Here I am outside of Grand Central Station.
We were taking a trip upstate to our friends' house for a GAME WEEKEND!  
And by Game Weekend, I mean BOARD GAMES!
I rock the shit out of that stuff, so do not challenge me to Monopoly or better yet, Settlers of Catan.  
Because I am


We never really know if we'll be outside hiking around, climbing rocks, and scaling boulders by a waterfall when we're up there.  Or, we may spend the whole time indoors playing our beloved board games.
This is why I opted to go with this sort of rugged country-like look.  The new boots that I've been sporting a lot were once again perfect.  They'd allow me to get down and dirty in the outdoors, or feisty during a heated game indoors if need be.
This time around, we stayed indoors. 
My upstate get-up includes:

*Ivory small floral print cotton blouse-Forever 21
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown cowboy booties-Steve Madden
*Brown wooden necklace-Forever 21


jane st. clair said...

that sounds like such a fun weekend. my family are board game fanatics, so we do that stuff at family get-togethers.

i love your outfits. i'm the same as you are with bags: i change them if i have one that will truly look fabulous with an outfit, but most of mind go with most things okay. maybe when i'm an old lady and have one of the purse organizer things they sell on QVC i'll change them more often.

the little violet dress

Alexandra Hoover said...

Haha oh I SO feel you on the bag thing. I'm sure I get interesting looks in class when I'm toting around a Kathy Van Zeeland wearing jeans, sweatshirt, and Ugg moccasins, but oh well.