Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bag Lady

This bag is yet another reason why

I HEART the Village Thrift!

And now, I'm having some serious withdrawl from my beloved thrift store.  When do you find something like this for under $1.00?
(Oh Ohio, I need to visit you badly!!!)

It's a perfect little touch to a "Casual Friday"-type work outfit.
Too bad it's Tuesday!  But as we all know, I can wear whatever to work.

 (Also, I have to be honest, as per yesterday's post-I do not often take the time to switch handbags, so in reality I did not carry this pocketbook today.  If I had left myself time, or perhaps it was the weekend, I would've switched)

My little workday outfit:
*Brown cotton blouse with rouching-H&M
*Dark denim wide-leg jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown wood and seashell vintage necklace-Thrift Store
*Brown leather sandals (hidden under jeans)-Target
And, since we're talking handbags here, 
check out what Topshop is giving away for FREE!  
A cute totebag with any purchase!

 Sweet Double Whammy of a Deal

(First you get whatever you purchase-SCORE, and you get a FREE bag-Double SCORE!)

So for all you unlucky folks without a Topshop in your area (and I know who you are), order something online.
 And rock your fave little bag(s) like I wish to switch out and do once in a while.


Leproust Vintage said...

I love the clutch, and those widelegs look amazing on you! I am headed to Ohio this weekend, and am excited to do some thrifting!! :)

jane st. clair said...

those topshop bags are adorable. i LOVE your handbag. i'm headed to ohio soon, but, sadly, i will not be there long enough to thrift. :(

i also love your wide-leg jeans and am envious that you can wear whatever you want to work. i miss that!

the little violet dress

Stephanie Kim said...

thanks for the tip!

Wendy said...

this bag is realllyy cool! i like hard and sturdy bags like this.. and i wont have any problems finding my keys especially :)

ps: thank you so much for the lovely comment and for dropping by my blog! :) it really made my day!


Lisa said...

I absolutely ADORE this outfit!!!!

Alexandra Hoover said...

LOVE those jeans!!!