Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mani-Pedi Wednesday

I've been working myself hard these past few months, and I never have proper time for self maintenance; such as keeping up on my mani/pedi.
I used to never get my nails done, why pay when you can do it yourself?  Now, I work hard enough to be able to treat myself to such a self indulgent luxury once in a while.  And since I left work at a decent time today, I took my aching feet straight to the nice place in my 'hood (they also give great massages, and yes I went for the 10min massage too)
Now, I assure you I do not go the classy route with acrylic tips (or whatever you fancy ladies get), french manicures, etc.  Oh no no, I like to take the "street cred" route, and I feel exceptionally proud of my choices when the brooklyn girls with long-ass nails and crazy artwork give me props.
Today I was tempted by the brand new bottle the nail girl put out as I surveyed their offerings.  And the deal was done.
I chose

Dating a Royal

from O.P.I.'s

Mod About Brights

Once it starts to chip, I've got big plans to use my silver polish pen and give myself a blue/silver french manicure.
Now that's what I call cl-ASS!

Funny how I tend to choose simple kinda classic-like pieces for the weekday outfits isn't it?  The nails and the threads just don't match-then again that's the way I like it.
No worries, I know my polish choice will compliment my weekend get-up just we've seen, that's when I get a little more adventurous with my clothing choices. 
*Terra-cotta colored flutter sleeve blouse-Target
*Black/Beige linen miniskirt-Uniqlo
*Vintage cameo necklace-Thrift Store
*Vintage gold charm necklace-gift from Aunt/Uncle

P.S. I've worn the top and the skirt before:


Panda said...

Pretty nails and i love your outfit. So cute - and that blouse is perfect!

Panda x

idée_géniale said...

I'm always so tempted to give in and get a design on my nails! Only then will I get the proper BK cred.

a-man-duh said...

I am quite jealous of the one at OPI in charge of naming those nail polish colors. There isn't one name out there that doesn't make me want to buy that color of polish.

Fabulous nail choice.

jane st. clair said...

i love your colour choice. i used to get my nails done every 2 weeks when i lived in ohio. my aunt is the best nail tech ever! now i keep them short and simple, and i paint them about 3 times a year. it's a wonderful luxury.
the little violet dress

Stephanie Kim said...

painting my nails is really relaxing to me...i dont know why...

Jana said...

Nikki, I love your idea of the french mani with the silver...I do a reverse french with other colors and black a lot. Great minds think alike!

Leproust Vintage said...

I love that nail polish color, and I even more love the remixing you did with that skirt and shirt!

I am in Ohio this weekend to visit family (Dayton and Columbus areas). I am going to definitely look into the Village thrift chain....I have heard about it from a few people! Thanks for the suggestion! I love the purse from village in your last post. I will have to let you know if I find one! :)

Isquisofrenia said...

awesome color, i think this blue looks perfect on you. i always see the opi nail polish when i go to sephora but never buy it.

oh how i missed so many cute outfits of yours!!!