Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekend Rewind: July 31-August 1st, 2009

Friday was another workday as usual; however.......

a coworker/friend's birthday just means we work gals go out aftewards for "happy birthday cocktails"
Not too much of a late night, was home by 11pm; perfect outfit for happy hour with the girls.

Funny thing is, I pulled this out of my suitcase from my trip to Michigan 2 weeks ago (I'm a little slow with unpacking)and by the time I got to work I noticed there was a blue stain all over the front and back-eeek, something like shampoo must've spilled in the bag.  Too funny that I didn't notice till it was much too late to do anything about it.  Luckily , no one else seemed to know any different-ah the beauty of an all-over print.

July 31st's wardrobe:
*Black v-neck tshirt-Target
*Ivory cotton print skirt-Forever 21
*Black strappy wood heel sandals-Miss Sixty

Saturday was spent cleaning.  Before I knew it, my day passed me by and it was time to meet friends and head off to a concert in the park.
It's a pity that a quick thrown together outfit ends up being a tshirt and shorts.  I know, not the most innovative for sure.   Yet, when the day was all over, I'm actually quite happy with my choice considering we spend the evening sitting in the grass, then grabbed 1 beer at a neighborhood bar.  Definitly the outfit was more than suitable for the events that unfolded.
And didn't you hear?  Twigs as accessories-ALL THE RAGE!
Saturday, August 1st's wardrobe:
*White tshirt-Express
*Cut-off blue jean shorts-Uniqlo
*Brown cowboy booties-Steve Madden
*Brown woodend necklace-Forever 21
*Brown wood and seashell neclace-Thrift Store

Friends' at the park:
He explained he's a fan of BROWN, WHITE, and just about any color.  Nice, considering here he's sporting his fave color scheme: Brown, White, etc.
These two could care less; they're in it for comfort-I guess that means tshirts and cargo shorts.  Hmmmm....cargos and me have a long, not so agreeable history.
And a headband.......a lovely, simply chic way to accessorize for the park.  Nice job, Mel!

And me.


idée_géniale said...

OMG NIckie you should post right after beers more often. This post had me laughing out loud in my apt by myself. I loved Chris's take on fashion, he's brilliant, a style icon for sure.

WILDasaMINK said...

It wasn't the beers talking last night in this post....I was falling asleep in the middle of it, but managing to still type and this or that. so I woke up this morning kinda mortified by what nonsense gibberish might've been written. But I reread it, and yeah-that's what I would've written fully awake as well. So it's fine.

I do agree though, posting after some beers, might be my new angle.
Heck, I'm always feeling much more bold after a few drinks, so maybe one day you'll see the events of your dream unfold right here on this very blog. That is, if I'm full of "liquid courage". haha