Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vintage View #4

Sorry guys and gals, there's been a slight delay in my regular

"Vintage View"



The Sunday Threads:
*Vintage multi-color jersey dress-some random store on Melrose Ave.
*Brown leather sandals-Target
*Brown wooden necklace-Forever 21
*Feather and satin headband-bought at Bust Magazine Spring craft fair

For such a rainy Sunday, this vintage rainbow of a dress was a bit of sunshine on a clouded dark day.
Luckily the rain quit, and I didn't get drenched on my Sunday trip to Target and Buffalo Wild Wings.  I think this dress is perfect for a little BF/GF errand running and dinner.
And happy day, the sun came out to play!
Oh, but the dress...yes yes.  It's another one of those gems I got on that vacation out to LA a few years back.  I just couldn't believe all the wonderful finds I got on that trip.  I could really go back anytime, seriously.....anyone want to go?
Melrose is just a mecca of cool vintage stores, some so overstuffed with goods it's majorly overwhelming.  But clearly it was nothing I couldn't handle since I came home that vacation with about 3weeks worth of new vintage goodies!
I remember my friends out there telling me where to go so I could get my "shop on"; and then they followed up those suggestions by telling me that things weren't really cheap, and that I might not be willing to spend the money that the vintage stores are asking out there.  They must've never stepped foot into a vintage store in NYC where everything I could find at the thrift stores in ohio for $1.00 become $80!  Just saying, they were obviously unaware at this point what I deem "a Steal!"
Well let me just tell you, I was in shock at these prices out in Hollywood....shock at how affordable it all was!  Everything was like Beacon's Closet prices, and that's fine by me considering this is NOT the midwest.  
And this is why I would


to go back out there.
My asymmetrical haircut/mullet is overgrown, but having a shorter side works really well for an embellished headband as I plopped on today.
And could this dress have been a better match for my Blue pedi I got the other day?
I think not.

And now it's time to retire for the evening.  Off to watch a movie (a scary movie "Haunting in Conneticut" because that's the way I roll-give me something about ghosts, demons, real-life events, all before I fall asleep, and that's what "sweet dreams" are made of....eek!), then back to the daily grind of my 5day work week :( boo!


Isquisofrenia said...

you came to hollywood?did you get lots of vintage pieces?
melrose is the place to shop for vintage, i love it there!
this dress looks awesome on you


WILDasaMINK said...

Yes, I was out in CA about 3yrs ago-wow can't believe it was so long ago. But yeah, Melrose was my vintage dream come true! So many shops-I loved it!

Lu said...

This dress is to die for! The print is amazing and you def make it your own lady!!

jane st. clair said...

that dress! i love it!

your headband looks perfect on you!