Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to the Dollhouse

I always feel like a little babydoll in this dress; and I love it.
Or like I should shrink myself down and live in a dollhouse.
*Black/Ivory cotton dress-Matty M
*Black woven t-strap sandals-Colin Stuart
*Black/Ivory cameo stud earrings-somewhere back in college
I can't believe I've forgotten to wear this dress all summer, and now there's only about a month left before I chuck it all and head straight for my new fall purchases.
I bought this dress last summer about midway through.  So even then I didn't get ample wear out of it.  I remember when summer came about this year, it actually crossed my mind how excited I would be to wear this again.  And now I've gone two months without pulling it out of the closet.  Oh bother!
I will try to wear it at least one more time till I put it away until next year-unless by then I'm over it.
Two more things happened today worthy of my blog:

1.) I picked up my Topshop bike from Brooklyn  Bicycles.  Immediately upon walking in the guys knew which bike was mine.  The one told the other to go get the blue cruiser, but not before he ripped on the ice-cream and blue/pink/yellow star stickers all over it!  Oh silly boys....must you poke fun at my girlish gizmos just to break the silence?  Nonsense-I've got plenty up my sleeves to fireback in witty banter.

2.) Careless me never thought to apply to Independent Fashion Bloggers until the other day.  And voila, all they do is give your blog a quick read, review it for fashion content, if they deem you legit enough  you're in.  And well, I'm IN!  Yea!  I'm actually very excited, I want to dive deep into their site and see what's up over there.

And that folks.....was my Monday.


Lizzie said...

What a cute outfit!!

And congrats on being an IFB! I just joined about a week ago and it seems like a really cool site!

WILDasaMINK said...

Thanks Lizzie! Congrats on becoming an IFB as well.

Leproust Vintage said...

Wow! That dress is my most favorite dress that I have seen in a long time! You should totally rock it with tights into the is too cute not to!

I have a bright yellow vintage bike that is in terrible condition, but I cannot give it up. The guys at the bike shop always rip on my bike too (although it is probably related more the the condition and not the adorable stickers like yours)!

jane st. clair said...

what a fab dress!!!

idée_géniale said...

I love this black/white dress! What I also love is "Welcome to teh Dollhouse" movie and totally thought that you were going to blog about it and was sadly mistaken. Boooo.....

Lu said...

I love this dress. I thought about applying to Independent Fashion Bloggers as well but I probably need to post to my site a bit more before I do that.

I am dying to go thrifting w/you! I have been in more than a month and I'm having withdrawls over here...Soon!!

Lisa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!!! You look great