Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How about a Wednesday Outfit?

Starting to feel very uninspired and lazy this week....
maybe the weekend will bring about a much needed dose of fun in my wardrobe.  

Monday I didn't post an outfit because I wore this black/white kimono sleeve dress that I already posted a few weeks back-and I went to see my Elvis impersonator so I didn't even get home till midnite.

Then on Tuesday I worked late, as was the case today as well, and I had to do my Kreativ Blogger survey thingy and go about tagging and commenting, etc.

So yeah, this week so far has not been such an interesting one in terms of my clothing.  

So here, this is a super comfy dress.  But not the most figure-flattering.  
Although I can say it is a great wear on those hot, muggy summer days.  I should've saved it till we have a heat-wave, but I couldn't resist and threw it on today anyhow.  It feels super soft, like a worn in tshirt.
*Purple tie-dye tshirt dress (smocking at bust, bubble skirt w/band detail)-I.N.C.
*Brown suede sandals-Target
*Some random jewelry I wear nearly every single day



Lovely! Love the watercolor inspired print!! ~XO*

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Fab blog! I love that dress. You look gorgeous in it. Great choice. :)

jane st. clair said...

wow! i love the dress. i think it looks really great on you, and i wish i had one!