Tuesday, July 21, 2009

7 Things You May have Gathered--Or, Maybe Not

Recently I was given a "Kreativ Blogger" award by Leproust Vintage, thanks!  If you're interested in cute finds for decent prices, check out her vintage store on Ebay.  But first, stop by her blog, then click on her ebay store :)

Part of the Kreative Blogger award is to give you 7 "interesting" things about myself.  Some of them you may already know, some of them you may have thought 
you knew, and some of them might be a complete surprise.  
So here it goes:

1. I've wanted to be a fashion designer living in NYC since I was 10 years old....and since I was 23, that's exactly what I've been doing!
2. Now, I'm almost 30years old!   (see my countdown on right panel)  And I hired an Elvis impersonator for my birthday party

3. I'm from Indiana, and therefore I have crazy endless bits of trivia on the state.

4. I'm obsessed with famous people from Indiana, some of my fellow hoosiers include: James Dean, Axl Rose, David Letterman, The Jackson 5, Steve Mcqueen, and of course Halston (his family moved to my hometown when he was 4yrs old.); oh and Don Mattingly (he went to my highschool)

5. The name of my blog is not because I think I'm a "minx", nor do I think I'm "sweet".  It's a line in one of my favorite songs of all time, Tennessee's state song,  "Rocky Top"

6. I'm in love with Nikki Sixx, heck I'm in love w/all the guys of Motley Crue  (we should take some style cues from them, seriously--look at that makeup and leather!)

(I forgot to mention, Mick Mars is also from Indiana!)

7. If I had a time machine, I'd want to go back for a day and be any or all of the following:
A.) A flamboyant party-girl flapper in the 1920s
B.) A leather jacket, gum chompin, neck scarf wearing greaser in the '50s
C.) A saloon girl in the Wild West
D.) A part of the 60s-70s music scene (see my last Fave Rave post if not convinced)

The second portion of the Kreativ Blogger award is to choose 7 more people to pass the award onto.  And here they are:

So again, thank you LeProust Vintage....and thank you to all my readers, especially you guys that come back day in and day out.  Your feedback is always appreciated.

(Note to my 7 recipients:  Copy the award on the right hand side of my blog, paste into your "7 things" post.  Then, post 7 things about you, choose 7 people to award, and then leave a comment on each of their blogs to let them know they've been awarded.)


Isquisofrenia said...

omg i was literally gonna comment on your post too!! hahah so funny!
oh thank you, i really think its cool how you gave me this award =)
i was gonna tell you thank you for always read my blog and actually your among my first bloggers friends that was always commenting when i had 6 followers so i jsut wanted to tell you that.
i will always read your blog !!!

by the way haha, its funny cuz i do such a bad job trimming my bangs, they always come out not right.

much love

Robin said...

I loved this.
Thank you so much for passing an award to me.
You made my day.

You're a total doll.

Threadbear Thoughts

Jana said...

I loved this! Eric and I gave you a set of Fashion Plates for one of your birthdays (last years, or the year before? I can't remember!) It made me smile.

WILDasaMINK said...

Carla (Inquisofrenia)-I remember looking at your blog the first day I signed up for Chictopia....I remember you were just starting it but I thought it was really cool. And since then I still totally enjoy reading it! I love your style and all the fun stuff you write about...so of course I read it!

Thanks for always commenting on mine too. I really appreciate it!

jane st. clair said...

thank you so much. this means a lot to me! i admire you and your blog a lot. it was one of the first ones i started following.

the little violet dress

Catherine said...

Aw, it's so great that you've been living your dream! It's always inspiring to hear that happens :)

jamie clare said...

aw thanks lady! i'll do that for my next post. =]