Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Rewind: July 17-19th, 2009

Hope everyone's weekend was as jam packed with fun as mine was.
As mentioned, I won the Topshop/Chictopia bicycle contest, and I took matters into my own hands as far as getting the bike delivered.  I called the Topshop offices in London to let them know that I often have a hard time receiving packages since no one is home during business hours.  Therefore, they were so kind as to set me up with these dudes from Brooklyn who were shipping out the bikes.  
These guys actually coordinated their schedules with mine and hand delivered the bike (fully assembled I might add, which is a major plus considering everyone else who won will be getting their's in a box which will require some tricky assembly).  To my delight they were cute hipster skeeze bags, and they stuck around long enough to give me some pointers on the bike, and some other tips to handling it. 

I lounged around the house all morning just waiting for the bike, and a typical outfit for such an occasion is comfy and casual:
*White, Hanes Wifebeater
*DIY denim cut-offs
(coffee mug from Jack's 99cent World in hand)

This is my new bike, it came complete with a cute helmut w/yellow and pink stars, and a lock and key.

I brought the bike immediately inside, haven't even given it a test spin.  
(side note: Looks like I won't be giving it a test spin anytime soon.  To my surprise, I woke up this morning and the front tire is already FLAT!)
So Thanks Topshop!
I have to take it to a bike shop and fork out some dough to get it fixed up I suppose.
I can't complain, it was FREE, and as it turns out,

that bike I posed with in the winning photo isn't even mine!

 In fact I don't even know who's bike that was, it was just chained to a tree outside a chinese fast food place.  Most likely it was one of the delivery boys' bikes.  Haha, putting my hands on the strangers' bike was the best thing I could've ever done!  
(Sorry suckers!  You have permission to slightly hate me now)
So yes, actually I can't complain about a free bike with a flat tire.  It's not such a bad tradeoff under my sneaky circumstances.
(Thanks again Mel for taking that photo)

With the bike delivered and the tire deflating without my knowledge, I finally headed out to enjoy the rest of my Saturday.
A trip to the park, 
Then, beers at a neighborhood bar on their back patio, with the company of friends, 
*Blue silk tunic-Forever 21
*DIY cut-offs (from earlier that day)
*Mustard Yellow/Ivory toeless socks-American Apparel
*Brown leather cowboy booties-Steve Madden
*multiple necklaces

To a night of "All you can Bowl" in Sunset Park....I had a great Saturday.
We all know bowling requires a certain style aesthetic 
Therefore, I brought my "A-game" moreso in the bowling fashion dept. than I did my actual game.
By my "bowling style" I mean the socks-they went from scrunched down in my boots, to awesome tube socks just in time for my first frame.
And of course, Idee Geniale brought her bowling style in the form of her very own shoes; yes I'm jealous.

The night finished up with a new set of girls ready to take on the leagues of Brooklyn's finest.  We befriended the two ladies next to us who quickly jumped on the idea of being a part of our ladies' league, complete with our team name being what else?


of course!

And today, my wardrobe consisted of a somewhat classier approach.  My choice was based on the fact that BF and I had to head out to Staten Island to attend his family's BBQ.
All aboard the Staten Island Ferry.....
*Multi-color floral print tunic (tucked in)-Target
*Black sailor-like shorts-H&M
*Black Strappy sandals (that yes, I wear all the time)-Miss Sixty
*Multiple necklaces
After a weekend of whirlwind fun, I'm happy with my choice of clothing.
Hope everyone else feels the same about their choices.  I'll be looking at your blogs to check it out.


Leproust Vintage said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! That is too funny about the opryland thing...I actually found the shirt when I lived in Ohio, and now that I live in Nashville, I feel sort of odd about wearing it around here!

Your blog is great! I saw your post with Pattie Boyd...LOVE her! You will definitely enjoy reading "Wonderful Tonight"...made me want to be in my 20s in the 60s!

Jessica said...

i loveeee your shoes on the last outfit , great top, too!
and the outfit for "trip to the park" , simply chic!!

Pono Madison said...

oh my god that's so cool! congratulations.

Leproust Vintage said...

Sorry to comment twice, but I think your blog is lovely, so I passed on a "kreativ blogger" award to you! You can check out the details on my blog. :)

a-man-duh said...

So I am more than jealous of your weekend. A new bike, bowling, and beers after the park.

idée_géniale said...

Aw Nickie! This post makes me so happy ! What a great weekend recap and the bowling pics??!! Priceless!!
You looked fantastic all weekend and your outfits are most appropriate for the occasions.

WILDasaMINK said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by my blog! It makes me smile.
And a really big thanks to Leproust Vintage-check her out! She's got amazingly cute/cool vintage threads up for sale.

jane st. clair said...

i love the shorts in your last outfit. congrats on winning the bike, even if it did have a flat. :/

the little violet dress

Lu said...

Looks like you guys had a blast and your outfits are super adorable! Can't wait until our schedules line up so we can hang out!

Isquisofrenia said...

all this outfits are freakin aweosme,my favorite is the one with blue top and shorts.

thank your for your sweet comment!
i dont like him either hahha

calivintage said...

dude, i got my bike, but i guess the trip from ny to california didn't bode well for my bike! yours is in such better shape! mine got beat to hell, but what can you do? free bike, right? haha. weird.