Sunday, August 9, 2009

Heels on Wheels

Oh I've been gone since I'm back.
You know, summers in NYC can keep a girl busy.
Such as, my bike ride on Saturday.  
(I finally got my free bike fixed up and ready to go)
*Note:  I did not wear a practical bike-riding outfit, then again--I'm not a practical kinda gal.
I do not intend to stunt my height by wearing flats just because I'm bike riding--I gotta keep up my taller than 5'6" appearance or else the jig is up!
*Beige chiffon floral print dress-Forever 21
*Old skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown booties-Steve Madden
*Navy embroidered vintage purse-Beachland Ballroom's vintage store (Cleveland)
*multiple neclaces-Thrift Store and from a jewelry designer in Soho

We biked to Fort Greene.

Hit up the Brooklyn Flea...

To which I tried on too many jewelry pieces, touched every dress, and bought an iced tea.
And out of all the wonderful vintage goodies, I found that I could not leave behind--


That's love of 80s hairbands, shining through.  With musical preferences like mine, how could you pass up this beauty offered at only $20!?!?
( might be the only one who appreciates my purchase-as I do remember the first times I read your blog you were wearing a Bon Jovi t-shirt)
Of course, all further pictures included Bon Jovi.
Funniest part of all, was as Mel was taking these photos, a homeless man who had already stopped us once, came back several minutes later.
He proceeded to peer closely at my flea market purchase to which he said, 

"Is that the girl from Fleetwood Mac?  Oh man, Don't tell me her name....I've got it, I've got it....oh man what's her name?"

And I looked at Mel, and she looked at me, shooting eachother a look of, 
"Is this guy serious".

Yes, he was serious.

I said, "You mean Stevie Nicks"

Homeless Man said, "yeah, that's her name."

He proceeded to get even closer, gazing more deeply at it, to which the most classic line of the day spewed from his mouth, 

"Man, Stevie Nicks is looking good!"

We did not have the heart to ruin a guy down on his luck, so we left it at that.  
How could you tell him that it was not a modern picture, nor was it Stevie Nicks, let alone not even a woman?
The rest of the day was spent eating, enjoying some cocktails, and hanging out with friends.
So you see, I've been busy.....

Ummmmm, busy drinking too many beers to properly ride my bike back home.
 I crashed into a street sign late at night.


Isquisofrenia said...

omg looks like your having so much fun !!!
love your outfits, i cannot get enough of those boots.
did you get something at the flea market???

Leproust Vintage said...

I love that your bike outfit isn't practical...mine never are either!!! :)

Great clock find!

I FINALLY got toe owl pendant posted on etsy....I swear I need 50 hours in a day! :) I reserved it for you. If you don't want it, no biggie...just let me know and I will take the reservation off. The etsy site is down for maintenance so I can't link to it. You can just get there from my blog. The owl should by the first item in the store! :)

Lu said...

How fun girl!! Seeing all of the fun you guys were having bums me out since I had to work this weekend. I can't wait to hang out both of you and LOVE the Bon Jovi clock..perfect!!

Lisa said...

SOO love the basket! By the way that navy purse looks reverseable, is it?? I didn't see where you mentioned it in the post above but sometimes I don't search well for things ;)

jane st. clair said...

i love that little purse! you and mel look so cute on your bikes! yay!
the little violet dress

WILDasaMINK said...

that purse is not revsersible, but funny you ask. You might like to know that it came with another beige cover that you can button on over the top of the navy one. the beige cover has some other floral embroidery on it, I haven't used it with the beige one yet....usually just stick with the navy as is.

Thanks for reading my blog :)It's sweet to know someone from back home is taking a peak :)

a-man-duh said...

Bummer on the finger, yikes. I'm still jealous of your bike, your blog, and your new blue purse.

amyO said...

I remember you buying that bag! Isn't it reversible or something...too cute! Anyways, I too am jealous of your new bike!!! That's so awesome! Be careful though...

Can't wait till the big 30 bash!!!

WILDasaMINK said...

Amy--------Can't believe you actually read my blog!! Or, ocasionally read it :) heehee.
Yes, you were indeed with me, in fact i was visiting you when I bought that purse. It isn't reversible, you are thinking of the sweet khaki cover that can slip over it to transform it into a completely different cutie little purse.

Divinity Avenue said...

I need to get a basket for my bike for trips to the store!
That clock/photo thing is insane! I have a serious love of 80's hair rock...
there was a period last year when I channeled David Lee Roth in my fashion choices...