Monday, August 10, 2009


August 10, 2009:
Some might agree with me, this was the hottest, grossest, most humid day so far this summer!
Wearing to her usual workday locale:

*Black v-neck tee-Target
*Yellow a-line skirt-Express (like 4yrs ago)
*Red sash (from a vintage 70's blouse)-Thrift Store
*Black strappy wooden heeled sandals-Miss Sixty
*Red beaded necklace-Forever 21

I'm what gives your children nightmares at night!
Really though, this is the best way I wash away the dirty grime from a hot NYC summer's day.
First I cleanse my face, then I put on this wonderfully cooling clay mask--you'd swear there's peppermint in it or something; really it's a magic concoction of other such plants and things.
Seriously, it makes a world of difference and feels so refreshing when you come home to an apartment that feels like an oven (no A.C. at my place).


jane st. clair said...

girl, i feel your pain. it was 100 yesterday and is supposed to be 98 today here. i just think that's wrong. i spent a summer with out A/C once until my mom came over and, despite being broke, insisted that it was insufferable and immediately took me to sears to buy a window air conditioner. you are a brave woman for making it without A/C. i'm a baby now and i cry when i'm too hot.

i love your outfit!


Lizzie said...

Your shoes are sooo cool! and I remember that hot humid weather and don't miss it! The one thing I don't like about ny!

And le Blog de Sushi has a really good tutorial on how to make pics bigger and its REALLY easy. Here's the link:

Good luck!

*** said...

I love that skirt, I have been wanting a yellow one just like that.

Leproust Vintage said...

I just stocked up on target v neck tees yesterday! I love the yellow skirt-so bright and cheery!