Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Take a Peak....


of girly-girl clutter.
Me and my dressform.
Sadly I never put her to use other than a place to display some new thrift store find I'm too lazy to wash properly.  Case in point, the sequin butterfly top I bought about a year ago, it's been on her ever since.  And the tote bag I used in one of my Chictopia photos back in May.
(I have a real problem putting things away, hence all the clutter)
My plethora of perfumes.
These past few very hot weeks I've gravitated moreso toward the left side of the dresser, opting for my lighter scents such as Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, Calvin Klein Eternity Moment, and Guerlain Insolence.  

Got any of the same stuff on your dresser or shelf?

My dad, being quietly observant, gave me this jewelry box one year for Christmas.  As I opened it he made the comment that he's noticed for quite sometime that I didn't have one and I could definitly use it.
Good point Dad, thanks!
The moment I returned to NYC after that x-mas, the box was instantly filled...
with clutter!
But it's all clutter I refuse to rid myself of.  Some of these rings I've had since high school.
Some I've gotten as presents.
And some, I just bought at Forever 21-of course.
And my box of

rainbow colored goodness!

 Sadly I wear only about 1/8 of this mess.
Today I dug deeper, and pulled out some Urban Decay green duo eyeshadow from god knows when.  It still did it's thing, and I didn't get a crazy eye infection or anything.  Although, I'm certain that 7/8 of the goods in there that I don't wear are all past their expiration date.  

Anyone else have a problem throwing away make-up they don't wear?

Today's make-up played into the mint-green dress:
*Urban Decay green shadow
*Sephora Electro Black eyeliner
*Covergirl lashblast (is that the name???) Black Mascara
*Missha Nude lipgloss 
(what, Missha?  Yep, I need to throw it out-Missha has been out of business in NYC for probably a year or two!)

The make-up stayed put, even though today was quite hot and gross in NYC.  Probably because my office is an icebox (no complaining from me really, I don' have AC in my apt. so I actually enjoy being in ARTIC-LIKE temps during the day).
And yet again, me in a dress-obviously my summertime go-to office style.
I spent about two years collecting a closet-full of dresses for summertime.  I am very content with all that I have acquired....they make dressing in the hot weather a breeze!
(Oh, and same shoes and necklaces I tend to wear several times a week)

*Mint Green Pocketed shift dress-Penguin
*Brown leather sandals-Target
*Brown wooden bead necklace-Forever 21
*Brown wood and seashell vintage necklace-Thrift Store


Christina Dee said...

oh my goodness; obsessed with that gorgus jewelry box!

Isquisofrenia said...

i love love your outfit!!
you look so pretty.
omg you have such a cool vintage stuff!!! a lot of jewelry, loves it!!
i love d&g light blue , i have that too. i saw it among your perfumes there!!
hahhah lots of make up too, awesome!!!

much love

Isquisofrenia said...

i found myself bored and so i cut and cut until i got that hahhah

Jana said...

There is one Missha left in's in the Queens mall and they stopped making half of the great stuff we used to love! No more Rosewater make-up remover, and the selection is like half of what it used to be, more skin care stuff than lotions and make up. Total sadness when E and I trekked all the way up to that mall and discovered it. :(

Leproust Vintage said...

That jewelry box is incredible! Your dad did a fantastic job!! :) I need to become that organized with my jewelry.

As for the owl jewelry, I actually found a super cute owl pendant at an estate sale a number of weeks ago, and forgot about it until you mentioned keeping my eyes peeled for vintage owls! I will continue to look for more this weekend, as well as put up the one I have on etsy. I can reserve it for you so you can take a look, and it you don't like it, no biggie! I will get it up this weekend, and let you know when it is there. :)

Anonymous said...

nice outfit! WILL FOLLOW :)

syd vicious said...

Oh yes, my jewelry is so unorganized too!

And I will definitely put up pictures of bumpits soon. :)

FashionJazz said...

Oooh I luv this insider view of everything!! Really awsome Nickie!! xxx

TigerLily said...

Don't we all have clutters in our life? ^o^
Anyway, my most clattered items in the bedroom is the accessories! So I really need a big accessory box like the one you have, like Need it ASAP! ^o^

missDTM said...

i am SO in love with that jewelry box!!!! i definitely need one of those...

Anonymous said...

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