Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Rewind: August 29-30th, 2009

Saturday Evening: August 29th
Girls Night out,Bachlorette Party,Saturday Night Outfit,Express,Black Dress,snakeskin shoes,BCBG,vintage clutch,H&M,3/4 sleeve,cropped blazer
My best fashion school buddy, Adriane, is getting married next weekend.  We had a little dinner which some might consider as her Bachlorette Party.  Although we did not go so far as to turn it into an over-the-top production....just low key, at least for dinner.

I realized after arriving I could've dressed a bit more casual.  

But hey, it never hurts to put on a dress:

*Black satin dress w/neckline ruffle detail-Express
*Black cropped jacket-H&M
*Ivory snakeskin shoes-BCBG
*Vintage faux fur leopard clutch (and yes, that's a Tommy Lee circa 1984 pin on it)-Thrift Store
*Gold bangle and earrings-Forever 21

We proceeded to embark on a journey of trying to relive our old glory days--back when we thought everyone in the bar wanted to buy us drinks, and we never stepped off the dancefloor.  I've come to the realization I've grown up a tiny bit, and we are no longer 22!  Damn.

We embarked on our after dinner evening by finding Beauty Bar in the ghetto, I mean Bushwick.
Side Note: had I not been asked to leave (errr kicked out for unruly behavior-long but great story I assure you, or from what I've been told) the Beauty Bar in the city back in my "glory days" mentioned above, we might've gone there instead.
Nonetheless, Beauty Bar in Bushwick-hmmmm, we lasted all of 15min there.  And we were off.
The rest of the evening, we spent "dancing".  I use that term loosely because Adriane's friend took us to a bar that I just cannot say I've ever experienced before.  Upon entering the incense was overpowering, sweat and musky body odor, people everywhere with no place to move.  Yet no seats either, and the entire square footage seemed to be used as a dance floor.  Stand there in between overheated bodies swaying their hips to the beat of bongo drums (yes bongo drums were being played)and you just look stupid.  But me moving my hips like the only way I know how (Visualization: me dancing to a Guns n Roses song, because this is the only dance move I can pull off)doesn't look any better than standing still either.  What a long night as I tried my best to charm the wits out of 'em all with my sassy non-Shakira like hip movements.  Luckily, the girls had a good time even if is not what Adriane and I are necessarily accustomed to dancing to.  I mean would it have killed them to play a Michael Jackson song maybe?  No worries, I try to make the best of any situation.


I do not know these dudes, nor can I vouch for the graphic tee or the overuse of the words, "ah ah ah" spewed from their mouth in unison--several times might I add.  Uhhhh WTF?

I'm guessing these impromptu photos made these funny guys' evening, 
not so much mine....hence my "seriously ?  Is this happening?" face below.
Uh What?

Sunday Afternoon: August 30th
atomic wings,Park Slope
Thank god for running water!  I don't know how or why I went to bed last night without showering first.  From the Saturday photos above you can get the idea of just how sweaty and hot that place was....ewww gross.  
Thankfully it all washed away and here I am!

So, thinking it was a great day for a bike ride, I took a peek at my bike.  


Second flat tire since winning the bike a month or so ago.  First it was the front tire, now the back.  Bummer!  I don't know what I think about this bike anymore.

I then again made the best of any situation; quickly convincing the BF that we should walk my bike to the bike shop and check out the new-ish Wing restaurant near the bike shop.  Yeah, that was easy....

I finished getting ready, threw myself together, by choosing a skirt that I've own for over 3 years and never wore.  I just figured a tshirt would be easy and the boots are an obvious go-to.  Throw on a necklace and voila!  Quick outfit so BF doesn't get mad that I'm taking so long to get ready.  We were off- bike repair and wings it was!  Yummy I say.
I had boneless chicken wings with honey mustard sauce.   
Sunday Outfit,Target,blue skirt,Steve Madden,Tara Jarmon,Forever 21,burnout t-shirt
And I returned home to pose like a moron in my backyard:

*brown zebra-print t-shirt-Forever 21
*Blue skirt-Tara Jarmon (is that her name?)for Target (back in her GO Int'l line 3yrs ago)
*Yellow knee socks (pushed down)-American Apparel
*Brown booties-Steve Madden
*Brown necklace-random jeweler on the streets of Soho
*Gold octopus earrings-some boutique in Philly
*Full, big wing riddled belly-au natural (why do I choose to take these photos like 10min after eating????)

So how was everyone else's weekend?  Do tell!!!


syd vicious said...

Aw I adore your outfits! You look really pretty in that black dress.

Isquisofrenia Style said...

omg your weekends always look like so much fun , im jealous hahhah.
wow, bacherolette partys can be fun.
honey you look stunning wearing this black dress. and by the way i love lvoe your hair. so edgy!

also i love the second outfit , man i want those boots!!


Leproust Vintage said...

I don't think you should have dressed more looked stunning! I just love your looks so perfect on you! Sounds like an exciting weekend! :)

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