Friday, September 18, 2009

Daily Wear (and Tear)

It's early Fall--well not quite Fall according to the calendar (that's still 4 days away).  It's clear I have yet to switch out my summer clothes and fall clothes--we all have heard how small NYC apartments are, and while I have a larger one by comparison, it does not mean I have extra closet space.  So each season I have to unload a suitcase or two, pull out the current season's threads, and pack away the past season's.
This is my plan for the weekend.

So in the meantime, this is how I've been making due with the slight chill in the air:

Fall,Beige poncho,American Rag,Skinny jeans,Uniqlo,Forever 21 necklace,Taupe t-shirt,Target,Suede Boots,Carlos Santana boots
*Beige poncho-American Rag
*Taupe long sleeve t-shirt-Target
*Skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown suede boots-Carlos Santana
*Brown wooden necklace-Forever 21

-Can I just tell you, this poncho sucked me in the moment I saw it on the sale rack.  It's been a few years since I threw on such an item--but I remember why I used to wear them.  I love the way they look and the service they provide.  The fringe is my favorite part!
Thursday outfit-pic 2

Black cardigan,Urban Outfitters,Teal tiered blouse,I.N.C.,Skinny Jeans,boot-cut jeans,Express,Black booties,Daffy's,owl necklace,Thrift Store
*Black cardigan-Urban Outfitters
*Teal tiered blouse-I.N.C.
*Boot-cut jeans-Express
*Black booties-Daffy's
*Silver vintage owl necklace-Thrift Store

-Just FYI, I'm not one to wear belly shirts.  And it was much too late for me to realize just how much of my stomach showed.  Yikes!  I noticed it when I was already at work.  How business appropriate am I, seriously?  haha.
Yeah, my stomach; probably my least favorite part of my body.  No worries though, if I cared enough I'd probably do a sit-up or a hundred.  As it stands now, that is not a part of my routine.

Oh, and does anyone else have a problem with their contacts?  You're lucky if you don't have to wear glasses/contacts--I swear, the moment I turn on my computer, my contacts try to come out of my eyeballs!  Contact solution please!

Off to check out the Anna Sui for Target goods-then to bed.  I am still sooooooo tired from this week's parties.  Oh, if only I were 23 again--maybe I could handle the lack of sleep then.

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