Monday, September 28, 2009

An Intervention Please--Part 1

My name is Nickie......and I'm a shopaholic 

BF can tell you, he tells me to my face.  I keep it under wraps so that it never interferes with bills, rent, social activities, and little getaways.  In fact I'm rather good about paying off my credit every month.  (Fingers crossed I never lose total control).

However, it may be time for self-intervention.  Just how do I go about this?  I have very little will-power when it comes to purchasing and hording.

You know how yesterday I cleaned out my closet?  I never realized until this time around, when switching out my Fall/Winter gear, I had so much stuff.
Here is part 1: GUILT and Her Many Coats
Below, you'll witness exactly why I feel extremely guilty....guilty of being a greedy pack rat, carelessly throwing money away when it could go to something better--ummm perhaps the many many cold, penniless, homeless people that would not take this all for granted as I have.

I found a coat in a bag-oh yes, this is the winter coat I meant to take in to get altered and cleaned (2 years ago).
And it gets better--today I pulled this coat out of the bag and discovered 3 dresses and a felt tote bag hiding in their as well.  Now it's coming back--I meant to have those items dry cleaned (2 years ago).

And I discovered my old-school 80s roller skates I bought at a church yard sale somewhere on Long Island when I first moved here (that was 6-1/2 years ago). I've never once used them since.

And my cubby hole of purses and bags way up high where I can't even reach.  
With so many bags, why do I carry the same one nearly every single day?

Oh, and what about the obsession with my bomber jacket? Yep, I felt I MUST buy 2! 
And the rust colored jean jacket I LOVE--it hangs right there alongside the bombers....

And I can't stop there.  I made sure to acquire a fall jacket or winter coat for every occasion.
And I never have more than one occasion-my very casual workplace.  So why all the thrifted furs, fringed western suedes, full length wool coats?
more coats......

Oh, and a whole other closet (completely separate from the above closet of coats) , specifically called "The Coat Closet"--although in my defense, BF keeps some of his outerwear in this same space. But we all know BFs never even come close to the same amount of clothing as we ladies so easily possess.

I was not raised to be so careless or ungrateful for what I've got in life.  And while all of this was bought through my own means, and those means were worked for and honestly earned, it is always nice to give to those in need when you are doing well.  Therefore, I pledge to give at least 1 of these coats (probably the nice winter white wool one that's too big and still in a bag shown above) to one of the organizations that collects winter coats for the needy in our city.

Surely this is just a way for me to set my heart at ease, but even so--what's it matter if I can help someone else in the process?

Maybe I can shake some of my selfishness and even unload a few more coats for double-the-karma points, and a gold star from the man upstairs.

(wink wink, give it up for G.O.D.--are you reading this?  It's me, Nickie.)


idée_géniale said...

STOOP SALE!!!! That's what you should do. And i don't think it's as bad as youthink. if you saw how many coats/jackets i had hiding in my closet, you'd feel really normal.

Indiana Adams said...

Oh my goodness, woman! You crack me up! I think living in NYC where coats are a complete necessity (and sometimes outfits underneath aren't nearly as appreciated because it's under said coat) you are entitled to this many coats, right? Right!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

thats awesome hahhahha
here in california you dont really need those kinda coats for winter but still just for the heck of it i would wear those, everything is welcome and ill be here waiting with my arms open hahhahahhahah
and you need to go to rehab too.=)

missDTM said...

oh man...being a ny-er is hard. you want a jacket for all types of weather and you don't want to sacrifice style!