Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Rewind: September 25-27th, 2009

I'll celebrate my

100th post

with my regular

Weekend Rewind:  

It's quite fitting considering these are usually my most entertaining posts of the week.  Sadly for my readers, this weekend and blog post is not full of super fun times about town like they usually are (it seems Miss Idee_geniale was the one to capture all the goings-on thru her lens, so I'll have to wait till she tags me on Facebook or something to post the pics of our good times--no rush).

Friday, September 25th:
Black Dress,Matty B,Colin Stuart,Black sandals,Black cardigan,Ivory Express tights
With my 3-day weekend ahead of me (Monday= Yom Kippur people....and I'm not Jewish. But lucky me, I work for a Jewish day for me!) I knew it was high time I get myself into Fall-mode since I'd been anticipating it for so long.  That meant wearing whatever summer item I missed out on one last time, because this weekend was the weekend to switch out my wardrobes.
And with it officially being Fall by my calendar, I do not care if the weather says it's 70+ degrees, that does not mean it's OK to wear your sundresses and bare legs and little sandals ladies!  It's almost October for goodness sakes!  
You might recall this particular little gem of a dress; I had worn it a few weeks ago complaining that I forgot all about it and now summer was almost over.  I got suggestions to go for tights to give it one more whirl before it was too late.  And here it is, me looking more like a 3 year old at Sunday mass (you know that little girl, the one who crawls all over the pews oblivious to the fact that she's totally got her dress up over hear head, and the crotch seam of her white tights has somehow made it's way down to her knees....haha.  I always wondered how they could continue going on ignoring the uncomfortableness of falling tights????) than a grown adult:
*Black dress-Matty B
*Black sandals-Colin Stuart
*Black knit cardigan-Gap
*Ivory hosiery-Express
*Pearl earrings-Macy's

Oh, I forgot the most fun part of Friday--when I hurled myself karate style into the subway doors mere inches before they were completely closed.  It's possible my life flashed before my eyes-but I'm ok with that.  
As I've always said, "If I'm going to die, I want to make the 10 o'clock news".  As I had my forearm and right leg wedged in the door, the power of two guys and myself could not budge it back open.  And then I heard that tell-tale sign a train is about to depart, you know....right as the breaks release and it makes this "Shhhhhhhhhhhheewww" sound?  Yeah, I thought for sure the train did not realize the last door was wedged open just slightly, and I thought, well here it goes folks--right before my huge 30th party, what a waste. (yes, yes, check that countdown on my right panel--only 5 days left)  That could've put a damper on things, right?
Anyway, as luck would have it, the door quickly opened a few more inches, enough for me to jump in with my bag sticking out, then it opened again and my bag came in.  I came away unharmed, but these tights did not fare so well--they snagged, ran, and got a hole all because of the door catastrophe.  And I was told by a school boy about the alarmingly huge black oil slick I had down my right forearm.  Thanks little boy--indeed I did have some grease from the door all over me.  Boy, they don't call me "Grace" for nothing--yeah right.

Saturday, September 26th:
Saturday Outfit,Shopping,Williamsburg,vintage,Jordache,denim jacket,Turtleneck sweater,Steve Madden,cowboy booties,scarf,H&M,Skinny Jeans,Uniqlo
I woke up and was out of the house much sooner than any Saturday I can remember in recent history--we're talking 10:15am! I had some highlights needing to be touched up and added back into this 'do of mine. As you've seen in past photos, the hair was looking rather bleak and lackluster. So off I went to midtown to visit my stylist. 
I had been looking forward to Saturday all week because the weather guys promised it to be cooler and really Fall-like.  
And if you know me, then you know that means: TURTLENECKS!!!!!
I put together an outfit I always go back to every autumn, in my eyes, it is the epitome of

"Nickie Does Fall":

(bike not included--shoot! I think I can use one of those in real life)
*Brown denim jacket-Jordache
*Black turtleneck sweater-Kohls
*Blue skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Brown booties-Steve Madden
*Black printed scarf-H&M

Oh and how could I forget to mention we stumbled upon a gem of a thrift store in Bushwick Saturday evening?  After a day full of vintage shopping along the streets of Williamsburg, we headed over to a bar for a non-existent party only to find this place called Urban Jungle across the street!  So inexpensive and full of tons and tons of good stuff!  I'm hooked and going back soon!

Sunday, September 27th:

Sad and disgusting as it is, I have not left the house today....and now it's actually Monday (12:42am).  
I spent all day working on my closets, unpacking Fall/Winter, putting away Spring/Summer.  This process took much longer than I planned--4 hours to be more precise.    

So goodbye, until next April/May, summer tops.  Sorry to say I will not miss you, nor will I miss summer.
And summer dresses, enjoy the back rack of my two racked closet--I will not be needing you for a long while!
And behold...the Treasure Chest;
--or my suitcase full of Fall stuff in this case

And tomorrow, I'll dive headfirst into the world of my Fall clothing. Unpacking today, I found happiness in my wardrobe, a few revelations,and a whole lotta of self greed. Good stuff, you don't want to miss out on witnessing this little problem I have;

Shop-a-holics Anonymous anyone?


idée_géniale said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You never told me about friday's incident! That's ok though reading about it was just as great, i think i'm even tearing up from laughter.
The pics are up on fb just not tagged.
Have fun today my friend!

Indiana Adams said...

Good gracious! I'm glad your arm did not fall off!

Frick. Austin is back into summer clothes today. I thought fur-sure I'd be able to break out the fall clothes. Oh, Texas autumn, why must you play with my emotions?

FashionJazz said...

Wow, ur weeekend was really eventful, so glad you are ok!! Luving ur outfits!! Chat soon xxxx

Emily said...

what a great fall outfit.