Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Intervention Please--Part 3

Cleaning out the closet, assessing my inventory, I realize I have enough to dress almost an entire year without doing laundry, or at least 8 months!  If only I had more than 5weeks worth of skivies.  And with this reality, I am now content.  All it takes is some lock-down, tough love, and rational thoughts on my part......I can handle this.

Part 3: Accepting the Skeletons in the Closet
(The hangers being skeletons, the frame to which all my material possessions hang so limply--until I give them new life)

I need is to be grateful for what I have, the massive piles of objects from which I can build an acceptable outfit around.  I'm quite excited to rediscover the joys of wearing some of these Fall clothes--we'll see in the pages of this blog how it all goes down over the next few weeks.

I'm stoked to try again with these velvet vintage jackets:
And to discover the love for an impulse buy:
 purple jacket I found at H&M over the summer for only $20!!
Oh the beloved TURTLENECKS:
The brooches and other jewels that class-up any attire:
The coveted "fur vest":
(Thanks Mel for hooking me up)
And how long before I fall in my impractical shoes?
And with cooler temps, the surprise of which heavier scent my mood will feel like each morning:
Oh yes, the trench that no one else owns! NO ONE--a one of a kind!And my fave Alberto Makali coat, maybe one more time....
it's yellowing and losing the fur (poor storing strategies on my part)

Taking inventory, was more like taking inventory of my motives.  In the past, it's true--I shopped to fill a void in my life.  My best friend had moved to Ohio, and for 3 years I was here with a few good-time friends, but only BF as one I'd consider a real friend.  And sometimes even BF and I had our rough patches, so it was a double whammy of a void.  Shopping was my therapy.  Now that I'm all good again, I'm a a perfect place in life, and everything is patched up and friends are prevalent, there's no need for that emptiness to be filled with new clothes and more new clothes.   

So here I am with all that I picked up along my void of a life, and I'm ready to see what kind of life I can make out of what I've got. 

Start your clocks, mark your calendars, let's see how long I can go without purchasing more.
(unless it's halloween costume related--of course, I already made that clear yesterday)


jane st. clair said...

good luck, love. on the few occasions that i've sworn off shopping for a bit (for the reasons you have pointed out), it's been really tough and first, and then i've hit a bit of a breakthrough and got my mind back around really thinking about my purchases instead of just buying to fill a void (something i have a terrible habit of doing). the last time i did it, i struggled, and i gave up, and once i bought a few things, i was so over it. so i guess i did better after i quit quitting. anyway, i'm rambling b/c i'm sleepy, but i just wanted to tell you that i hope your self-intervention proves to be refreshing and liberating.

missDTM said...

buena suerte (in spanish, that means good luck)! i have the same exact issue..the bf is always making fun of me. i have so many clothes and it's just time to let. things. go.

ughhhh. so difficult.