Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My boyfriend's back....

Workday outfit,blazer,boyfriend jacket,zara,Nine West heels,Forever 21 necklace,skinny jeans,Uniqlo,H&M,wifebeater

Yea!  The boyfriend jacket makes it's reappearance.

 As well as the cooler weather!  
*Black boyfriend jacket-Zara
*Silver crinkle jersey tank-H&M
*Blue skinny jeans-Uniqlo
*Black heels-Nine West
*Black necklace w/chiffon bows-Forever 21
I do like this necklace I picked up the other day at Forever 21.  I've been looking for something kinda cute and long; something to throw on and jazz up a basic outfit.  I think it will also work over a t-shirt....I'm sure I'll be wearing it that way in a week or so.  C'mon I wear t-shirts all the time.
Forever 21 necklace

For the past two days, I've gone on a quick bike ride after work.  I picked up the bike yesterday after having the back tire repaired.  Now I'm worried the front tire is losing air, it feels like it--and this time I will not think I'm just being paranoid.  I wonder if the bike shop has a free air pump thingy outside that I could use. 

I forgot to say where I was going on my bike, sorry.  (and to mine and your dismay, I changed into flats--one day one day, I will bike in real heels, I PROMISE).  Yesterday I rode to the central library-it's the HUGE brooklyn location.  Too bad it closes at 6pm on Mondays.  So lucky for me it's open till 9pm other days.  I rode up there again today.  And yea!  They had what I was looking for.  Now let me first tell you I'm not even done reading all my Sept. issues of my fashion magazines from last month, nor have I finished the rather short book I'm currently reading, Wonderful Tonight (the book about Patti Boyd's life with George Harrison and then Eric Clapton).  But, it never hurts to get a head start on reading,  SLASH.  Oh man, if I could date 3 guys at once it would be my current BF, Nikki Sixx, and SLASH!  I can't wait to start reading it.  I really really enjoy biographies, especially rock n roll related ones!

Off to read and calling it an early evening!


closetfullofnothing said...

Great boyfriend blazer! I've been wanting a sleek black one - yours look great on you :)

Lu said...

I love this look. Especially the blazer which is so AMAZING!!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur blazer!! xxx